INTERVIEW: With Gail DeYoung. Conducted by Lucille P Robinson

LPR: Gail DeYoung is the author of Leaves in the Wind. Ms. DeYoung, please give us a brief summary of your book.

GDeY: Tara Singer is a social worker who has special gifts of empathy and telepathy which she uses to help her understand what her patients are going through. When she meets Dan Turner, he is a man on the edge of hope. His five year old daughter, Amy, lies in a coma in the hospital and his wife passed away six month ago from cancer. Tara realizes the only way to reach the child is to go into her coma telepathically to convince her to come out. She discovers that it will not be an easy task as the child is spending time with her deceased mother in her dream world. Thanks to her patience and persistence, she is able to bring the child back to her father.

Tara deals with many patients who have difficulties in their life and always encourages them to believe that things will be better. She gets so wrapped up in other people’s lives that she really doesn’t take time for herself and she’s always adopted a stance that one should not get involved with a patient. But Dan Turner is such a sweetheart that when he informs her that he’s got feelings for her, she doesn’t handle it very well. It’s only when she realizes that she’s about to lose the one thing she’s always desired that she takes her own advice and gets her happy ending.

LPR: Do you have personal experience with this type of sickness? Tell us about it.

GDeY: I had a good friend survive a coma as I mention later. As far as cancer, yes, I’ve had several people in the family who have gone through it – Hodgkins, breast cancer and liver cancer. It is a horrible way to die.

LPR: Being a caretaker for my daughter who is also in a coma, I’d like to ask: How much do you know about comas, Ms. DeYoung?

GDeY: My best girlfriend went into a coma after she became ill with Encephalitis of the brain and her temperature went up to 106 degrees for several days. I visited her in the hospital almost every day after work, spending time next to her bed, holding her hand and talking to her. It took five weeks, but she finally came out of it. The unfortunate thing is that she lost all long-term memory and has no idea who any of her friends or family are anymore. She had to be put in a nursing home for she experienced great, irrational fear.

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Interview conducted by

Lucille P Robinson Reviewer

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