INTERVIEW: with Cheryl Dragon Author of I’m Okay, You’re Dead and I’m Okay, You’re A Fake Interview conducted by Lucille Perkins Robinson

Interview with Cheryl Dragon Author of I’m Okay, You’re Dead and I’m Okay, You’re A Fake

Interview conducted by Lucille Perkins Robinson

LPR: Have you written anything else besides these two books, Cheryl?

CD: Yes, I also write erotic romance. I currently have a paranormal BDSM with Ellora’s Cave called An Extreme Haunting. I have several more erotic romance books scheduled for release with Ellora’s Cave.

My more alternative titles are available from Loose Id. A m/m BDSM for Hanukkah titled Bad Brad and a f/f erotic romance titled Sorority Girl Pledge Time are both releasing in December.

LPR: Do you have any special powers yourself?

CD: No, I have no special power that I practice or make a profession of. Many of The Lotus Circle authors are mediums or psychics who work in that area in addition to their writing. I’m a dull accountant by day: I do however possess a strong intuition and trust my instincts more than the average person. I do extensive research and read as much as I can on the topics I write about. I have more coincidence and deja vu than anyone I know and some do accuse me of being a closet psychic.

LPR: Have you ever seen a ghost or angel or demon?

CD: I’m not a very visual person. Everyone has some senses that are stronger and others they rely on less. I’m much more a feeling and audio person. I’ve certainly felt a presence but no visuals.

LPR: Have you ever seen a vision?

CD: The closest thing I’ve had to visions are dreams that end up coming true. It can be a year later and I’ll find myself in the exact situation I dreamt. I take it as a sign that I’m on the right path and to keep going.

LPR: I find your writing very good. How long have you been writing? Have you taken courses or workshops to help you write?

CD: Thanks! I’ve been writing seriously for about 7 years. I’ve always wanted to write since I was little but I come from a practical family where people don’t live their dreams. It took me a couple of years out of college to balance those issues. I’ve attended a lot of workshops/conferences to improve my craft in various areas. You never stop learning or growing, that’s the fun of writing.

LPR: Do you spend a lot of time writing or just a set number of hours per day?

CD: The amount of time all depends. Once I’ve started a project, I usually write at least one scene a day. One chapter if I’ve got the time. I don’t count hours, but pages. Some stories fly out of my mind and others have to be pulled.

LPR: Do you write a first draft and then edit or edit as you go along?

CD: First draft always. I find it works much better to get the raw story down on paper and then work through any kinks or questions. Then I’ll do an edit pass or two. To me it’s no use to edit things as I go when I might change a scene or add something later.

LPR: Do you use an outline, notes or just write as the thoughts flow?

CD: I do chapter notes. They’re fairly short and flexible but with suspense books especially, I need to have the structure of the external plot blocked

LPR: Many authors say their characters talk to them. Is this true for you?

CD: Not exactly talk. As long as I’m writing and being true to the character, the characters just play along in the scenes. However, if I’m trying to make the character do something he/she wouldn’t do I find myself blocked and I have to step back and the let the character do what they normally would.

LPR: Can you give me a hint as to what your next story will be about? Deanna Oscar looks like a good series character to me. Of course I live in
Louisiana so I guess I’m partial to her. [smile]

CD: De’s next book is called I’m Okay, You’re Haunted. I’m still working on it but she’ll be faced with a bunch of troubling ghosts a few teenage girls
called forth. One ghost particularly tangles in her own life, unearthing some of the mysteries in her family and house that she’s been very curious
about since she moved in. Louisiana is such a wonderful and diverse place and so much feels foreign to a Yankee like De bringing out the history and
how it fits into her family.

LPR:Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.

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