INTERVIEW with MORGAN MANDEL: conducted by Lucille Perkins Robinson

LPR: Girl of My Dreams is the kind of story that actually causes a woman to dream of what might have been if she had been in a beauty contest. A delightful read that shows great talent in making descriptions of the interactions between characters sound so normal and real.

MM: Thanks so much, Lucille. I’m glad you enjoyed Girl of My Dreams.

LPR: Please tell us what kind of writing you like most to do and how you got your start as a writer.

MM: Romances and mysteries are equal favorites of mine. I have the same tastes in reading as when I’m going to a movie or watching a DVD at home. I started seriously writing fiction after attending a program by Chicago-North Romance Writers of America at the local library. That’s when I discovered authors were real people and maybe if I worked hard enough I could be one of them. I joined the chapter and have never regretted it. Getting the support and feedback from my chapter friends is what made the difference in my getting published.

LPR: What other books or stories have you written and where might the reader find these?

MM: My debut novel, Two Wrongs, a mystery set in Chicago, combining elements of a John Grisham-like courtroom scene, a Danielle Steel-like second-chance-at-love and an old Charles Bronson movie-like revenge plot, was published in 2006 and is still available at, in print and ebook, also at,, and by order at bookstores. My current romantic comedy, Girl of My Dreams is available through the same venues.

LPR: When I first began to read Girl of My Dreams, I thought, Oh sure, another romance of course. But I found your story set apart from the usual tale in that every incident, every event, seemed so real. I wondered if you had any personal experience as a contestant in a beauty contest. If not, have you worked on the sidelines to help put on a contest?

MM: I’ve never been in a beauty contest, I’m over twice as old as my character, but I can dream, can’t I? That’s what fiction is all about, becoming someone else for a short time.

LPR: Another thing that set the story apart is that of having a rich young man make the choices instead of a panel of three or more people. What gave you this idea? In my opinion it proved very good for me.

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