INTERVIEW with author, Lydia Phillips ~ Conducted by Lucille P Robinson

Interview with Lydia Phillips, author of No Glass House ~ Trafford Publishing

Conducted by Lucille P. Robinson

LPR: Ms. Phillips, tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be a

LP: I reside in the Atlanta area. I love horseback riding, dancing, hiking
and a good movie. I wanted to tell a thought provoking story about African
Americans that would impact mankind.

LPR: Have you written other stories or novels? If so, where can we find

LP: “No Glass House” is my first published novel.

LPR: How would you describe your book No Glass House?

LP: Drama, suspense, comedy, romance and truth all rolled up into this book
of relationships: Marriages on the rocks, wealthy, professional men that
allowed every beautiful woman to turn their heads and jeopardize all they
have worked hard for, and couples unable to commit, or can they eventually?
A Gay relationship with a husband on the DL who will never, ever confess to
being Gay, a sister with such low self-esteem she totally loses it when her
husband has to do time for the rape of her 15 year old hot-tailed daughter.
Does being a Corporate Executive give Bridgette the right to put her
employees on blast?

No Glass House is a book with it all. Fast-paced, glitz and glamour and an
easy read, you won’t be able to put it down. Can Marvin and Deidre fall in
love after 18 years of marriage once Daddy’s Princess goes off to college?
Can Marvin stop his philandering ways and find what he needs at home? Will
Deidre finally give up the sex more than once every 3 months? Will Simone
ever forgive her mother for turning her back on her baby girl for a man who
ends up leaving her high and dry? Exposing his pious, pompous, preacher of
a Daddy for the low-down dirty dog he is was not Malik’s intent when he
attempted to search for him after living all his life in a low-income single
parent home with his Mom. How do you learn to forgive and forget the hurt,
the pain and the suffering? People who live in Glass Houses should never
throw stones because in the end, you may find your life and dreams shattered
and lying at your feet as the glass crumbles around you.

LPR: It seemed to me that all the characters had equal billing, so to
speak. Yet, I was particularly moved by Jackie and her situation. The whole
story depicted life so well I could see people I know living some of those
characters. What criteria did you use to determine how many characters to
portray and what they would bring into the story?

LP: I wanted to tell a different story that involved a lot of characters.
My aim was to give voice to all of them. They were all faced with many

LPR: Ms. Phillips, you have a good knowledge of personalities and what
works well for and against each of those types. Did you have to research for
this information and, if so, how did you go about it?

LP: Yes. The only research I did was for the characters of Philip and
Terrance. I interviewed gay men and bi-sexual men.

LPR: Do you follow a particular schedule for writing?

LP: I love writing between 2-6 am.

LPR: Do you speed write a first draft and then spend your time editing it
or do you outline first?

LP: With “No Glass House” I completed an outline first.

LPR: Have you any plans for another book and, if so, can you give us a hint
as to what it will be about?

LP: Yes. Everyone is asking for a sequel to No Glass House.

LPR: Have you any favorite writing tips you can share with beginning

LP: Yes. Write passionately and tell your story.

LPR: What authors, books or movies have inspired your writing of No Glass

LP: I have been inspired by Terry McMillan, Alexander Dumas and Toni

LPR: Would you mind suggesting three story ‘prompts’ that your readers who
are also writers can use to help them get the Muse in action or to get out
of writers’ block?

LP: 1. Ask God for Divine Guidance.

2. Ask your self how can you impact the world?

3. Release all fear and doubt

LPR: I shall try these myself. Thank you. Finally, where can we buy No Glass

LP: No Glass House can be purchased at, Barnes and Noble and

LPR: Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. It’s been a
pleasure to speak with you. Good luck with all your future endeavours.
Please inform us when your next book appears on the market.

LP: Lucille, thank you very much for taking the time to interview me. It’s
been a pleasure speaking with you as well. I will definitely inform you
about my next novel. Peace and Many Blessings.

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