INTERVIEW: Abiola Abrams ~ Author, TV Personality and Art Film maker

Abiola Abrams Interview

LPR: Lets get acquainted with you first, Abiola. When asked to interview you, I thought, What in the world am I going to ask her when everything I could possibly learn about her is on her website at So here I am struggling to get this going. At the top of your website you’ve listed writer, film maker and TV big mouth so I know you have a sense of humor. With all your activities, humor would have to be a large part of coping, wouldn’t you say? Tell us a little about yourself. What would you like the general public to know about you?

AA: I am a passionista and a storyteller. That takes different forms. I feel connected to an inner sense or joy and fun. I know that this may sound corny, but I truly believe that part of my purpose on this planet is share that joy, to empower using storytelling and fun. That’s where author, art filmmaker and TV blabbermouth come in!

LPR: I think that’s an admirable purpose. Tell us, please, what made you decide to write a book.

AA: As a TV personality and art filmmaker, people were surprised to see that I’ve written a novel but I’ve been a writer all of my life. Writing is my first art. My debut novel Dare, recently published by Simon and Schuster / Pocket Book, is about two women on a wild, fun and gutsy ride to the center of themselves and the crazy missteps they make along the way.

LPR: When did you start, what do you write and what was your first publication?

AA: My first publication was actually a children’s story that in first or second grade was contributed by my professor to the Smithsonian Institute here in the states. So far I have been unable to track that down. Maybe I will have to go down to the Smithsonian and demand to see it. (giggles) I also wrote a lot through middle school, high school and college. I have been online keeping a journal in one form or another since 2002 although it wasn’t called a blog at the time. People can find that

Oh – pardon the ramble; you mean when did I start Dare? For some reason it’s a confusing question to me when people ask how long did it take to write Dare because I feel like the correct answer is 30 years. With first novels we have pretty much been working on them all of our lives! You are in the UK so Dare was available worldwide in January 2008.

LPR: Actually you answered correctly, thank you, Abiola. I haven’t had a chance to read Dare yet. Its theme is about two women who dare to “to live by their own gutsy rules.” Will you tell us a little about the book? Is it based on your own life?


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