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Title: Indiana Jones: The Adventure Collection
Producer: Paramount Entertainment
Genre: DVD / action / adventure / drama / history / tv
Release Date: May 13, 2008
ISBN: 1-4157-4065-8
Length : Total of 5 hours 59 minutes
Format: DVD /Movie /Documentaries /10 disk set
Special Features: Special Features include new Introductions by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas along with explanations on how the amazing special effects were accomplished. Storyboards give us new insights into how a story is put together. Last, but not least, LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure Game is also a part of the Special Features list. Each disk includes topics special to that particular story.
Rated: Raiders of the Lost Ark-Rated: PG, Temple of Doom-Rated: PG, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade-Rated PG-13
Reviewer: Lucille P. Robinson

This special 3 DVD set is a collection of the three original movies of Indiana Jones starring Harrison Ford. Indiana Jones is now grown up, an archaeology professor and a seeker of fine treasure. He gives us action, adventure, thrills that can not be outdone and all these embellished with humor and a touch of romance. He just can’t be beat.

DISK 1-Raiders of the Lost Ark-

Indiana Jones is asked by the United States government to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis can. With this sentence alone, many Indy Jones fans know they are in for the experience of their lives. Through hair-raising events, danger, action to beat all action, Indiana Jones takes us on the hunt for the Ark. Once it is discovered, the Nazis take over. However, only Indy and his lady friend live to tell the tale. For more information visit:

DISK 2 -Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-

Indiana Jones is asked by the chief of a small village to find the mystical stones that fit into their large stone statue that sits in the village. Indiana Jones agrees to do this and right away we tighten our belts, shoe laces and nerves to face the life-threatening experiences Indy lives through in this adventure. We not only run, swing, shoot our way through the events, but we also struggle to keep from becoming a victim to voodoo, to having our hearts pulled right out of our chests and to having our bodies lowered into a lake of fire. Does Indy survive? You bet. For more information visit:

DISK 3-Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade-

Dr. Henry Jones Sr., Indy’s father, goes missing while searching for the Holy Grail and Indiana Jones must find him. Here we go again, folks. No one can beat Indiana Jones for action and adventure that keeps one sitting on the edge of one’s chair. However, in this episode, we have double our pleasure in that another famous male who has stirred the hearts of females from all over the world plays a big part as the father of Indiana Jones and his name is Sean Connery. Together they make quite a team, especially in the scene where Dr. Jones, Sr. flashes his umbrella at a bunch of birds to scatter them. And of course there’s that great part involving the chase Indiana gives to an army tank while riding on horseback. Didn’t I say no one can beat our Indy?

No other adventure series can take the place of Indiana Jones. He has captured the hearts and imaginations of every woman, young and old alike, I’ll wager. Ladies prepare yourself for a brand new Indiana Jones adventure: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. For more information visit:

I can hardly wait. How about you? Consider obtaining the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones to add to this collection.

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