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In her Footsteps

In Her Footsteps by Ruth Harrow


In this exciting domestic thriller by Ruth Harrow, Harriet tells the story of her abuse and her efforts to go into hiding from her husband Dan.
Having fled from London, she sets up shop in Coventry, rebuilding her life, working and cautiously making new friends again. From the outside all looks well. However, the reader is led into a false sense of security and slowly we watch Harriet’s paranoia get the better of her, and cannot help but wonder if she is just worried because her past, or if there is something deeper going on.
In Her Footsteps was an entertaining debut book, broaching difficult topics surrounding physical abuse and the emotional distress it causes. I’ll be looking out for more from this author in the future.


In Her Footsteps: A Gripping Psychological Thriller With a Breathtaking Twist by Ruth Harrow

One night changes her life forever… But the past won’t let her go…

Harriet is trapped in an unhappy marriage to her abusive husband, Dan. She dreams of a life where she does not have to live in constant fear. One night, she finally summons the courage and makes the life-changing decision to leave him behind for good. She leaves with only a suitcase and a closely-guarded box she is terrified of anyone discovering…

Eighteen-months on, Harriet has her freedom. Or does she? She is living her lifelong dream of running a successful art gallery. She should be happy, but things are not what they appear. Her perfect world is plagued by crippling anxiety and disturbing nightmares. Dark secrets from her past threaten to tear her new world apart.

Why is she so terrified of her own family finding her? Can she ever truly escape the past?

Soon, Harriet will learn that running from her worst fears is a dangerous mistake and one that will have deadly consequences.

In Her Footsteps is a gripping psychological thriller with a breathtaking twist. Perfect for fans of Clare Mackintosh, K.L. Slater, Lisa Hall, Sue Fortin and Laura Marshall.

What people are saying about In Her Footsteps:

“…I couldn’t put this book down. It had me guessing what was going to happen next. Five stars…”

“…Held my breath all the way through reading this cracking grip lit novel. Had me gripped from the first page. Couldn’t tell where it was heading and the twist left me completely reeling. Fantastic…”

“…A fantastic debut. Had me hooked from beginning to end. Looking forward to more from this author…”

“…A clever and gripping read with a stunning twist that really stays with you for days afterwards. A must read…”

“…A gripping and twisty little read that fans of Erin Kelly’s He Said/She Said will love…”


Ruth Harrow, was born and raised in London and graduated from the University of Kent before embarking on an unfulfilling career as an accountant.
In 2016, she put pen to paper and drafted the first version of her debut psychological thriller, In Her Footsteps.
She lives in Colchester with her husband, two children and chocolate Labrador, Rolo.
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