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Hey, I won this book from Panmacmillan in a Twitter giveaway! Thank you very much! I’m very interested in history, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one in particular from their Pan Military Classics Series.


In Colditz: The Full Story,Major Pat Reid brings together the many dramatic discoveries resultingfrom researh that has covered the five continents. From all walks oflife, Belgian, Czech, Dutch, French, German and Polish prisoners – aswell as those from the British Commonwealth and USA – were incarceratedin suffocating intimacy for five years in an alien and hostile land.Under these conditions, they proved that men could live together andthat loyalty and generosity could thrive, transcending the naturalprejudices of race, creed, language and intellecual diversity.
There were more than 300 escape attempts at Colditz and in thisfascinating portrayal, Reid vividly describes this unique period inSecond World War history. Furthermore, he reveals the code systemsbetween the War Ofiice and Colditz; shows how he obtained informationon Germany’s secret weapons; and investigates the existence of traitorsand the situation of non-collaborators in the castle.
This is a true story, which nonetheless possesses the mythical qualities that cause a legend to live forever.

I’ve not started reading it yet, but once it’s reviewed I’ll come back here and let you know what I thought.

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3 thoughts on “I WON! Colditz The Full Story, Major Pat Reid~ Panmacmillon UK

  1. I once met Major Pat Reid at a party in Maresfield in the 70’s given by one of his, friends, Lieutenant Colonel Macdonald -Hull,both were charming modest men,not given to talking overly about their exploits, both seemed very relaxed with a large scotch in their hand!

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