The Travesty of Cavid Dameron : How to REALLY write a #bestselling #book and get hoards of 5 star #reviews!

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Hello! After much consideration and debate, I’ve got an large announcement to make that will alter politics for generations!

Instead of blogging and keeping up with my usual day to day activists I’m going to be writing a series of novels about Brexit, since I’m so knowledgeable on the subject.

Starting with the first book “The Travesty of Cavid Dameron” until the final instalment “World War III” .

The whole series will feature main character, Theresa November, an honourable woman, originally a singer songwriter for the Orang Utangz with a hit single “November Has Come” (In which she foreshadows the apocalyptic wasteland that she will bring about in the United Kingdom towards the end of the series).

In this action-packed series, November took over as Prime Minister and completely messed up Brexit after a series of fantastic 5 year plans detailing the middle books in the series such as a A Clash Of Nutters, Game of Morons and (the book I’m most excited about) A Not So Secret Ballot Of Ice And Fire voted in by a bunch of gun toting Dumpft heathens who will turn out to be the anti-heroes we all know and love. Which makes perfect sense really, when you think about it, as Brits don’t have guns, so without these guys to protect us we’d be dead already trying to survive on manners alone with our stiff upper lips (that’s not been brought about by plastic surgery operations).

What I need from you

It’s about time you support me back and leave me many positive 5 star reviews, even if you haven’t read the book, I guarantee it’s the best book you’ll read this millennium and I might even gain political traction and run for parliament myself, after the immediate success I’ll receive!

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