Happy New Year! | Plus :: The Winner of our 1st Book Cover of the Year award is…

Happy New Year!

Here’s wishing you the best year ever. Hope you achieve your dreams and have a happy and healthy 2012. Who knows what the future will hold, but let’s hope it’s a good one!

Thanks for making it so special! 

I’ve been so busy over this holiday period, (although it has been a lot of fun) I’m actually looking forward to getting everyone back to work and school, so I can get back into my usual routine (and have a rest!)  😉

Today I am very happy to announce the winner of alternative-read‘s first ever Book Cover of the Year Award where all the winning covers from 2011 were added to a new poll for readers to vote on their favourite overall winner. 

And the winner is…. with 593 votes (36%) —  Lark LaTroy with his book cover Druids Dawning designed by the talented Reese Dante!  Congratulations!

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Book Blurb: “A serial killer stalks the streets of present day Boston. A group of Druids must find a way to stop him, or see the whole world plunged into chaos.”

In addition, since it was so close I do feel Farsighted with 516 votes (31%) and Flesh Fantasy with 415 votes (25%) both deserve an honourable mention! (All the final stats are below for those interested in figures).

Thank you to all of you who took the time to enter over the course of the year. Your support is greatly appreciated! Keep ’em coming! We’re back open for new entries.

Authors, if you’d like to join in with our next monthly contest, please click on the ‘contact’ tab and get in touch! If you have already, we’ll be in contact with you closer to the time of your “appearance”.We get a lot of entries so please be patient.

Find out more about how to enter and what to send us here.

We are back open for new entries right now! Meanwhile, later on today, we will be posting the beginning of a nice shiny and new poll for this month’s nominees. Stay tuned for the first cover coming on a screen near you very soon!

Voting stats for the Book Cover of the Year Award 2011:

#1 – Beauty’s Beasts
  89 (5%)
#2 – Druids Dawning
  593 (36%)
#3 – Kissed from Beyond
  9 (0%)
#4 – Tears on a Tranquil Lake
  11 (0%)
#5 – The Kiss of Night
  135 (8%)
#6 – The Magic of Lavender
  15 (0%)
#7 – Spartan Heart
  61 (3%)
#8 – Love Delivery
  42 (2%)
#9 – Flesh Fantasy
  415 (25%)
#10 – Farsighted
  516 (31%)

Votes so far: 1639
Poll closed


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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