GUEST BLOG: Martin King goes down Memory Lane #100blogfest

What a cutie!
already spoke about my fondness of watching TV. Children’s programs
were a big part of a kid’s life. But then not all programs were
cartoons. What about all those quiz and competition type shows for

first one is the oldest one I can remember and it was called Screen
. It was a kid’s movie based quiz show. I guessed I liked it because
you got to see clips of all the new films.

a lot later there was Cheggars Plays Pop. Yes you’ve guessed it, it was
a music quiz show. Also there was We are the Champions. It was almost a
children’s version of Gladiators, except they battled each other.

Run-a-Round was another oldie hosted by Mike Reed with the famous catchphrase, “runaround…NOW!”

Adventure Game.
I can’t really remember too much about this other than
at the end. You had to get across a grid, but like the game draughts,
you could only move one square at a time. Coming towards you was an
invisible force field. The idea was you had to make sure you didn’t
stand on the same square although you couldn’t see it, and get to the
other side. Otherwise you would get vaporised.

more than likely the most popular children’s quiz show of our
generation had to be: “Can I have a ‘P’ please Bob?” Yes you’ve guessed
it; Blockbusters. Not only was it brilliant because you knew some of the
questions yourself, but some of the prizes were pretty good as well.
And what about the goldrun?

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