“Guess who’s my new friend?” #Free Book Friday (& Sat – Tues) #ChildrensBook by Lily Mai #kids #FreeBookFriday! #AltRead

"Guess who’s my new friend?" #Free Book Friday (& Sat - Tues) #ChildrensBook by Lily Mai #kids #FreeBookFriday!

"Guess who’s my new friend?" #Free Book Friday (& Sat - Tues) #ChildrensBook by Lily Mai #kids #FreeBookFriday!


Hello Bibliomaniacs! 

I wanted to let you know the author of this cute book has a special promotion on Kindle coming up where her newest book will be available for free.

Guess who’s my new friend? (Jonas & Peter Book 1) Kindle Edition by Lily Mai

Guess Who's My New Friend? by Lily Mai

Do check it out and if you grab it for free, it would be lovely if you can take a moment to leave a review. It’s a short story for kids so it will not take you much time, if you’d like to help the author out.

It will be Free on Friday 09/20/2019, Saturday 09/21/2019, Sunday 09/22/2019,
Monday 09/23/2019 and Tuesday 09/24/2019.

“Guess who’s my new friend?”  (ASIN: B07V65RT94) Age : babies – 6 years

Please check the link below for more information:


Author Bio | Alternative-Read.com

I’m a passionate writer of fiction books and I’m working with a team of talented editors and top-notch illustrators, our main concern is publishing great children’s books with strong characters and stories with a sense of joy and always something to learn.

Our books will not only entertain your child but engage them and set them up to enjoy reading for the rest of their life.

Our books allow kids to explore other worlds and experiment other lives and feel familiar enough with the characters of the stories.

Both parents and children will enjoy reading our books and will feel involved in our stories and interactive books as well.

We are offering a free bonus and surprises in each book, so stay tuned!

Cheers for kids!

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