GIVEAWAY! Secular Sabotage by Bill Donohue & Leaning into God by Robert A. Schuller!

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How Liberals are Destroying Religion & Culture in America? SECULAR SABOTAGE by William A. Donohue

This assault is not happening from accident or whim. It is happeningbecause disaffected liberals have deliberately set out to upend ourJudeo-Christian traditions. Indeed, they are determined to tear downthe traditional norms, values, and institutions that have been part ofAmerican society from its founding. The cultural debris that thesesaboteurs have created will take decades to clean up.

In feistyprose Donohue explores our nation where a college student is threatenedwith expulsion because she prayed on campus, a civil rightsorganization protests a statue of Jesus found on the ocean floor and ahousewife sues a school district to stop the singing of Rudolph TheRed-nosed Reindeer at a school choral production. These are just a fewexamples cited that demonstrate a culture descending into madness.

Donohuetakes no prisoners as he digs out and exposes the groups behind thisall-out attack on our Christian traditions. Among these are the radicalatheists, the proponents of multiculturalism, the sexual libertines,the Hollywood elite with their not-so-hidden agenda and lawyers who collaborate for profit.

The second book: Leaning into God When Life Is Pushing You Away by Robert Anthony Schuller , William Kruidenier

Robert A. Schuller explores the various ways individuals lose orexperience interference with their connection to God. He explains thatemotions such as shame, regret, fear, and disappointment can stand inthe way of the intimate association God wants with His children.

The good news is that when His people are struggling, God stays close.There are many ways to reestablish a dynamic connection with Him.Schuller calls these “Connection Corrections” and leads readers throughidentifying communication barriers and how to break them. Each chapterdelves into the reasons readers fail to connect with God, how to beginrepairing the broken wires, and the life-altering benefits of restoringa positive, power-filled relationship with Him. Readers who feel adriftfrom God will no find that no barrier is too big to keep them from aclose, loving relationship with Him.


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