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by Leslie D. Soule

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I’m loving this! Betrayer is actually book 3 – I’d recommend reading the first two books, Fallenwood and Forgetting Fallenwood to get the full Ash Kensington experience! She’s a tough cookie but been through a lot and was not always the girl she is now. In this book Betrayer, her best two friends have gone missing, and no one is stepping up to help her. Alone, with just her talking cat, Greymalkin, and Slick her wyvern for company,  she’s now faced with searching for her friends, whilst continuing her quest to destroy the remaining crystals, a great source of power, for the dark lord Malegaunt.

I especially love Slick her wyvern and Greymalkin her talking cat. But the love interest Draeon, as handsome as he is, is a dragon-slayer!!!  Will Slick be his next target?

Fallenwood by Leslie D. Soule Fallen2 51C4Nx7bjVL

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Ash Kensington has found her way back to the fantastical realm of Fallenwood, a land across the portals, where dragons, unicorns, and other strange creatures roam. But she has little time for whimsy, and there is much to be done.

With five crystals to destroy, in order to rob the dark lord Malegaunt of his power, her path is set. Fortunately, she has friends, like the sorcerer Will Everett, and the court jester Terces Solario. But one morning, they set out, leaving Ash to herself. She begins a quest with the talking cat, Greymalkin, and her wyvern, Slick. But attempting to take Slick home, she meets up with the handsome dragon-slayer, Draeon.

Draeon ushers Ash from the cold confines of the house in the deep woods, into the camp of his fire performer friends, a land of eternal summer, as he promises to help her find her lost friends. Ash becomes unsure about Draeon, as they go along – is he all that he seems? And will she find her friends, and destroy the crystals, so that she can challenge the dark lord Malegaunt?


Leslie D. Soule received her M.A. in English from National University. She is a scholar, artist, citizen journalist, and martial artist. She has been an established writer for a decade.
What sets her work apart from the pack, is its intensity in dealing with the ultimately personal journey of life and its myriad setbacks and sorrows. Her novels contain a deeply populist, anti-establishment tone, one in which rebellion against the often-authoriarian norm is praised. Her work embraces the outcasts of society – the discarded, the rebels, the people that the magazines forgot to tell you, exist.
For Captain Ahab, the horrors and evils of the world are all contained in the persona of the white whale, Moby Dick. For Leslie D. Soule and her main character Ash Kensington, they are contained within the person of the dark lord Malegaunt.
The theme running through her novels is the triumph over seemingly impossible odds, the value in keeping the idea of “Ex Tenebris Lux” (light out of darkness) close to your heart.
Readers enjoy Soule’s no-nonsense, fast-paced style of writing. She loves to hear from her readers, and encourages them to connect with her on Twitter, and to help spread the word, about her work.
In Fallenwood, Ash Kensington is a young woman battling both crippling depression and the all-too-harsh ways of the world, and yet, she holds a desperate hope, an Ex Tenebris Lux, close to hear heart. And so should you.

Enter the world of Fallenwood!
The Fallenwood Chronicles includes: Fallenwood, Forgetting Fallenwood, Betrayer and Retribution.


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