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This week’s choice is…

The Magus

By #author AUTHORS 

J.M. Fetcher and J.P. Fletcher (Yes, they’re a married couple!) I know I keep harping on about that, but I think it’s wonderful. 😉

Added: Be sure to see the ‘Sad News’ below!


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From what I’ve read so far, this is a really enjoyable fantasy adventure and romance. Thing LoTR, and Game of Thrones with a ‘One Romance Thrills All’, theme.  Haha! But seriously, the first few pages had me hooked even when I originally picked this book up to have a quick browse (since I was supposed to be reading another at the time!).


The Magus (A Chronicle of Rebirth #1)

by J.M. Fletcher (Goodreads Author)J.P. Fletcher (Goodreads Author)
 4.24  ·   Rating details ·  17 Ratings  ·  Reviews

Everyone had heard of the Magus of Danthamore, a powerful, dangerous, and ruthless man. Nelina, who was sold on the slaver’s block by her unscrupulous uncle, now finds herself as the newest slave of the Magus. Finding that he is more than what he appears to be, Nelina follows her heart as the irresistible handsome Magus leads her into a world she had never dreamed existed.

Ru’ark who had become known as the Magus used the power he wielded with little regard for the people beyond his homeland of Aghadine and the waste. Finally, after years of diligently searching he has found the perfect vessel he needs -the voluptuous flaxen haired Nelina. He was expected to use her, betray her, and certainly not to love her.


Kindle Edition, 257 pages
Published June 23rd 2017 by Amazon Digital Services

Have you read this? What are you currently reading?

I can’t wait to visit your blogs to find out.

Have a great weekend, may your books be with you!

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  1. Yes, I am / was! Thanks for mentioning it. I want us all to read it now, to share our love for what this author is going through 🙁 It’s got some rave reviews and I’m really pleased to be reading this.

  2. Such sad news about the author…but hopefully there will be success with the treatment.

    Interesting excerpt…and I love the presentation of the book with the teacup. Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

  3. I hope the author will have a successful and swift recovery. Such a terrible thing to go through…

    The book seems really interesting, it’s great that is has a fantasy plot and there’s a little bit of romance in there as well. I love the cover too (blue is my favourite colour).

    My Book beginning and Friday 56 post

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