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“Talon, Come Fly With Me” is a sweet book, for children, although I’m sure adults would love this, too. This is just the sort of book I would have loved to have read with my son when he was younger. On the surface this is a story about a nine year old girl called Matica, living among the mountains of Peru with two condors she’s claimed as her own. But in fact it’s much more than that. The author, Gigi Sedlmayer, delves into more serious issues in a way which is suitable for children to read and understand. For example, she touches upon what it’s like to be a child with a disability, not fitting in, and feeling socially inadequate. She also covers subjects of which I sense are very close to her own heart, the protection of condors, habitat loss, and their possible extinction if poachers carry on the way they are.

Interested? Find out more below, and join our March GR Book Club read!

Talon, Come Fly with Me

by Gigi Sedlmayer

 4.69  ·   Rating details ·  48 Ratings  ·  33 Reviews

Nine year old Matica lives in a remote village on a dry plateau in the Andes of Peru. She moved to Peru when she was five with Australian missionary and schoolteacher parents. Because Matica is trapped in the body of a two year old, her growth handicap has caused her to be rejected by the local people and they would not accept her into their community or allow her to play with the children.

With patience and a sense of adventure Matica befriends a pair of condors. A strong bond and love develops between them.

Matica rescues the egg the condors, Tamo and Tima, are trying to protect from poachers and nurtures it to hatching. The egg hatches on her 10th birthday and she names the new fledging Talon.

Many adventures unfold, including her finally being accepted into the local community. And something totally unexpected…

This is the beginning of many incredible adventures with Talon and Matica. It is a story of hope, determination and love.

Kindle Edition, 187 pages

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  1. You got me so focused on doughnuts that I could barely focus on the book! Now I need a doughnut. It should always be doughnut day. Once I got past that I do like the sound of the book. I love middle grade and I’m pretty sure I’ve never read a book set in Peru. I think my son would enjoy this too.

  2. This definitely sounds intriguing, although maybe a little too “real” for me as a child (I was more into fantasy and magic). Thanks for sharing. And I would LOVE a doughnut right now – haven’t had one in years!

  3. We had doughnuts on Saturday. 🙂 Talon, Come Fly With Me sounds like a sweet book. I wouldn’t mind sharing it with my daughter. Thank you for sharing!

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