Free books to 500 children in Honduras

I’m delighted to welcome the Articoli Liberi Team to –  They’re a nonprofit organisation based in the south of France, born to create and distribute free books to children in poor areas!

Writers Weekend 2019 - Articoli Liberi“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.
―Nelson Mandela

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Articoli Liberi is a multilingual project. We are a nonprofit organization based in the south of France, born to create and distribute free books to children in poor areas. In fact, we believe that young people, in any country, should have free access to culture.


We give our books for free and we diffuse them on different occasions, such as literary festivals, through reading groups, or more often during our encounters with middle and high school students.

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Since 2014, we have offered more than 10.000 copies and presented at Florida State University, University of Kentucky, Augusta University, Festival della letteratura di Firenze, and elsewhere.

Our bilingual books created in collaboration with Augusta University, will be distributed to 500 students in Honduras thanks to our new partnership with two NGOs which take care of education for Central America.

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Join Us!

If you are a devoted reader or an author who is trying to get published, join us!

We are a bunch of passionate readers who have been traveling around the world and inside many books. We believe in the importance of nourishing children imagination. We are always looking for authors who would like to be part of this adventure, and for educators, booksellers, librarians, or reading groups willing to help us diffuse our nice books.

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You can find us on Amazon and other online platforms. Some libraries in the U.S. and France already have our books in their catalogue. And we are working on a more extended distribution program to libraries and bookstores. We are on the way!

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