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So, You Say I Can’t Vote!: Frances Connelly: The working-class woman’s route to the vote – FREE Kindle Edition

Women were granted the legal right to vote in Parliamentary elections in the UK in 1918. This right, however, extended only to property-owning, renting or university educated women over the age of thirty.
Seven years before this, Frances Connelly, a working woman walked past suffragists protesting outside the polling station in Yeovil, England, to cast her vote in an election. Her vote, and others like it, helped to keep the question in people’s minds — If one woman can vote, why not all?
Frances Connelly’s name is now largely unknown or forgotten. Her story is told here within the context of other women who voted in England before 1918, the struggles and complexities of the times in which these people lived and the contributions made by working-class women to women’s suffrage.

Sheena Macleod lives in a seaside town in Scotland. She gained a PhD at the University of Dundee, where she lectured. After leaving teaching, Sheena combined her love of history with her passion for research and turned to novel writing. She has written a number of short stories and poems. Reign of the Marionettes is her first published historical fiction novel.

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    We take the right to vote as a given now. I bet this would be a fascinating insight about the women who fought for and got us those rights.

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