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Maria's Foretold by Violet Lumani

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Maria's Foretold by Violet Lumani

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Review – Foretold by Violet Lumani

(The Scryers, Book 1)

Cassandra has a lot to deal with.  She has lost her mother and now has anxiety and OCD as a result.  Catastophising comes naturally, only sometimes it really does seem as though her visions of death really do come true.

She has just met the first person who she feels could be a real friend and possible soulmate since tragedy turned her life inwards, focussed solely on trying to manage her condition.  It would be too awful for this new hope (by the name of Colin) to be taken from her too and she resolves to do anything she can to save him.

The answer may be there though as it seems she takes after her aunt who is a scryer who opens up a hitherto unknown world to her where she can ‘belong’ and find friends.

Armed with forbidden knowledge she will do anything to avert fate and save Colin, but will the price be so high that she will never recover?

This is a beautifully realised and eloquent tale that draws you in and leaves you quite desperate for the next instalment…


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Cassandra sees death and devastation all around her. In vivid detail.

It’s the price of living with her OCD and extreme anxiety. In every situation, Cass imagines the worst possible fate for everyone in her life. Her dad in a pool of blood after a break-in. Her beloved older neighbor, homeless. A splinter in her finger turned to gangrene.

But this time, it’s not her imagination. The boy next door, Colin, is destined to die. Cass has foretold a real death before; she knows this is a true vision.

Desperate to save Colin’s life, Cass immerses herself in a secret organization of soothsayers that promises to teach her how to change the future she foresees. But as she descends into their hidden world of divinatory magic and predictive technology, she discovers there’s always a price to pay for unraveling fate’s strands. And cheating death will cost her everything.

FORETOLD is the first book of The Scryers trilogy by Violet Lumani, whose personal struggle with OCD helped inspire and guide this story.

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Author info:

Violet Lumani was raised in a family of superstitious omen-watchers, absorbing the stories and myths her family brought to America with them. She holds a BA from Barnard College of Columbia University, and an MBA from UCONN and lives in Connecticut with her husband, two kids, and forever-dieting chihuahua named Kiwi.

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