Fancy a Newsletter Swap?

But first, let me explain what I mean by a ‘newsletter swap’. This does NOT mean we give each other the emails of our subscribers. That’s a big no, no! Totally unethical, and goes against trading standards for most countries. What it does mean, is that YOU as an author or publishing professional promise to put my advert (an image) and a link through to my website (a clickable link) in your own newsletter. In exchange, I put your image (a book cover) in my newsletter.

Currently, this is totally free!

You do not need to register your interest, you can simply email me at with link to your author or publishing newsletter showing my advert (one of the logos below) in it.

I have three logos, choose whichever one suits your newsletter the most. Right click to ‘save image as’ on your own computer as a jpg or png file. Please don’t forget to add the link, too.

Link for round image:

Link for square image:

Link for my oblong newsletter image:

P.S. The images are re-sizable. In other words, they do not need to be as big as they are above. Whatever suits your newsletter is fine by me. Thank you. I look forward to seeing my ads in your newsletters and sharing yours too.