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St. Benet's by David Blake International Best Selling Author!


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St. Benet’s by David Blake International Best Selling Author!
“Wow! Even better than Broadland!” Anna BurkeA girl thrown from a church tower, a man sacrificed to Satan, and a priest murdered at the hands of the Devil.When the body of an old man is found lying in the ruins of St Benet’s Abbey, his throat cut, a knife resting in his open hand, DI John Tanner and DC Jenny Evans are given no choice but to accept a ruling of death by misadventure.

But when the body goes missing from its tomb, after a priest is found nailed to a cross, and another impaled on a stake, everything begins to point back to the murder of a teenage girl, thrown from the top of a church tower, some forty-three years before.

Set within the mysterious beauty of the Norfolk Broads, this fast-paced British detective series is a murder mystery with a slice of humour and a touch of romance, one that will have you guessing until the very end, when the last shocking twist is finally revealed.

St. Benet’s is a totally addictive gripping crime thriller, the second in a chilling series of serial killer books, ones which will rapidly convert followers of L J Ross, Faith Martin, Joy Ellis, Damien Boyd and Helen H. Durrant into David Blake devotees.

My Review of David Blake’s book Broadland.
This story is based in an area I know well, Wroxham in Norfolk, and it is the main reason I had to pick up this book. For several years I visited relations there, every weekend. so I was intrigued to find out what this new detective series would be like. Having never read this author before, I was very glad that I had.
Detective Tanner is assigned to Missing Person cases, after his move from London to a sleepy village on the Norfolk Broads. Immediately I am wondering why he would want to leave such a good career to go and live on a boat on the Broads where the highlight of his job will probably be dealing with drunk tourists falling into the Broads and drowning accidentally. But when a missing person becomes a murdered person, the case heats up and Tanner and his coworker, Jenny are thrown into a nightmare of a case that involves one of the richest family’s daughter being murdered. They want answers now and are not used to waiting around for anything, and demand the police take action and arrest someone immediately. But had the Detective in charge, Burgess, just arrested the wrong person to get a fast result, not just because of the demanding and rich parents of the missing girl, but because he is out to prove himself capable of leading this case to further his own career?
In contrast, Tanner and Jenny develop a really good working relationship and gel instantly. But if Burgess has arrested the wrong person, then surely the killer is still out there, on the loose and could strike at any moment?
I like how the Detective Inspector in charge of the case, Burgess, resents Tanner being in his team. Burgess has his sights set on moving up the ladder, but lacks the experience in leading a case. Something Tanner is very experienced in. If Burgess fails to impress, then not only will his chance of promotion fail, but Tanner might just snatch the promotion from right under his nose!  Burgess is jealous and tries to belittle everything Tanner does, in order to make himself look better, but how far will he go to get what he wants, when they’re supposed to be working as a team?
This really heated up for me once the first body was found and I read fast to get to the final resolution. The second in this series is already in my Kindle and I cannot wait to see what Tanner and his Jen get up to!  Exciting, tense and so much fun to read!
My Review of St. Benet’s 
This is the second book I’ve read from this author, which continues from where the last one ended, after Tanner and Jenny have worked on their first case together.
This time they’ve gone to St. Benet’s Abbey, an ancient Benedictine monastery and site, where a dead body has turned up and a new investigation begins…  At first it looks like suicide, but then again, who can manage slitting their own throat from ear to ear and still cling onto the knife? A knife, I must add, that looks like it’s part of a ritual belonging to a cult who may all have taken part in his death… or is it something even more sinister going on?
I found this just as exciting as the first, perhaps even more so. It’s almost as if the writer has got into a flow, we’ve met the main characters and we now know this is an awesome series and one that I’ll look forward to reading the third book too!
David Blake
David Blake is a full-time author living in North London. To date he has written fourteen books along with a collection of short stories. He’s currently working on his fifteenth, St. Benet’s, which is the follow-up to his debut crime fiction thriller, Broadland.
When not writing, David likes to spend his time mucking about in boats, often in the Norfolk Broads, where his crime fiction books are based.
Amazon Profile: viewAuthor.at/DavidBlake
Facebook Readers’ Group: www.facebook.com/groups/DavidBlakeAuthor

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