EXCERPT: PG (13) Feral by Mina Carter Paranormal M/F erotica


Author: Mina Carter http://mina-carter.com/
Cover Art: Heidi Hutchinson
Editor: Shonna Brannon
Publisher: Blade Publishing http://www.bladepublishing.org/
ISBN Number: 978-1-897560-14-3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Heat Index: Steamy
Second in the Kyn series, set after the events of Vixen.


Feral doesn’t do babies. Or pixies. So when someone dumps a pixie baby of all things on his doorstep, he does the only thing he can think of. He tries to palm it off on someone else. Unfortunately his neighbour is out of town, leaving her sister, Tessa, to house-sit. Her single and disturbingly attractive sister. Which leaves Feral with a couple of problems, especially when a bunch of pixie ninja wannabe’s break into the place and try to steal the baby. Does he turn his back on the pixies, a race he’s always hated… or will Tessa cast her own spell on the strong, silent type Kyn Warrior?


There was a baby on his doorstep.

What Kyn warrior Feral knew about babies would have fit on the back of a postage stamp with room to spare, but even he was sure doorsteps weren’t their natural habitat. Which begged the question, why was there one on his, and where were the people who were supposed to be looking after it?

“Well hello little… actually, what the hell are you?” he murmured, unable to work out what sex the baby was from the non gender specific yellow blanket. It was the sort of colour he knew women had a multitude of names for and God help a guy if he got it wrong.

“So how did you get out here?” He squatted down to pick it up. It took three attempts. His large hands just didn’t seem to be the right shape to pick up something so tiny. He lifted the squirming bundle carefully and glanced up and down the corridor, trying to catch a glimpse of a loiterer waiting to see if the baby was picked up.

Nothing, zip, nada. Not surprising. Even if someone had been lurking in the shadows then, the near six and a half feet of solid, pseudo-tattooed, bare-chested Kyn male who opened the door would have scared them off for sure.

Then the smell hit him.

Pungent and forceful. It stripped several layers off the inside of his nose with an ease paint stripper would have admired. He recoiled and wrinkled his nose in disgust. He had never smelled anything so god awful in his life!

“Jee…zuz Christ, are you supposed to smell that bad?” He looked at the bundle in surprise, settling it into the crook of his arm.. He didn’t really want it so close, not smelling as it did. But there wasn’t anyone else around, and the big scary Kyn warrior he might be, he couldn’t leave it alone on the floor. Anything could happen to it. It could get cold or wild dogs could get it or something. Although the smell might have warned even the latter off.

“Ok, let’s see who you are then,” He reached out to move the edge of the blanket, which had fallen over the baby’s face, his fingers gentle as he pulled it free..
He froze in surprise as his eyes locked on the baby’s hair.

It was bright pink.

Which meant two things. One, the baby was male and two, even worse, it was a Pixie. They were the only species Feral knew of with weird hair colours. Of course he could be way off track here but he seriously doubted anyone had taken a bleach bottle to a baby’s head to get that sort of colour.

“You just had to be a Pixie, didn’t you?” He glared up and down the corridor again. Still no one. He sighed heavily, no point standing out here on the doorstep like a spare prick at an orgy. A chill ran up the corridor and he shivered. Besides, it was cold out here and babies needed to be kept warm, didn’t they?

He stepped back into his apartment, hooked a bare foot around the door and kicked it shut before wandering into the main room. He came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the room and frowned. Ok, what the hell did he do now?

It was one of his rare nights off so he wasn’t dressed for company. A pair of ripped, faded jeans hung off his hips and his feet were bare. Alone as he was, he hadn’t bothered with a shirt, the dark marks across one side of his body and up his neck that marked him as a Kyn warrior clearly visible. Added to the dress problem he’d already had a couple of beers, so he couldn’t drive. Which left him with a problem. A small, baby-shaped one that smelled.

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