EXCERPT: Now Available: The Russos – Episode 9 by D.J. Manly

Episode 9 of The Russos

by D.J. Manly


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Genre: M/M serial

In this episode: Drake and Johnny have an important announcement to make. Janet and Mac get married, and the Russos go all out. Tony watches Angelo having sex with Frank’s latest squeeze, and injures himself.



Angelo was laughing as he pulled his pants on.

Tony cleared his throat, choosing that moment to come out in the open.

Angelo looked up when he heard the footsteps. “Oh,” he said, “its only you.”

“Ya, only me,” Tony replied, feeling breathless. He had wrapped the handkerchief that was in his breast pocket around his hand to stop the bleeding.

Angelo looked at him and then at his hand as he picked up his shirt.
“What happened to you? You get into a fight?”

“No.” Tony took a step closer to him. “What have you been doing?”

Angelo met his eyes. “You tell me since you were watching.”

Tony’s eyes widened. He uttered a little gasp.

“Ya, I knew you were there, not right away of course but half way through.”

“So, you were putting on a show for me, were you?” Tony’s eyes flashed angrily.

“No. I wasn’t putting on any show for anyone.” Angelo buttoned his shirt.

“I didn’t know you liked women,” Tony remarked, trying to control the anger in his voice.

“Sometimes. A man doesn’t want the same kind of meat every night of the week.”

“Now who in hell is that talking?” Tony demanded. “Doesn’t sound like you.”

Angelo shrugged. “Maybe you never knew me.”

“Maybe not. What do you think Frank will say when he discovered that you were out here screwing his girlfriend?”

“I don’t know,” Angelo laughed. “Maybe nothing. Maybe he won’t find out. You going to tell him?”

“No,” Tony replied. “I’d be embarrassed to tell him that.”

“Good. Well, is this the end then of this stupid and rather unnecessary conversation?” Angelo asked him.

Tony sighed just as the floodlights clicked off. Both young men looked to see the sun beginning to rise in the sky.

So, you intend on continuing to have unmeaningful sex with strangers, is that it?” Tony came closer to him.

“What, on the other hand, is meaningful sex?” Angelo asked him, looking into his face. “Sex with you?”

Tony swallowed. “It meant something to me. I know it meant something to you also.”

“Really?” Angelo ran a hand over his hair. “What exactly do you think it meant to me, Tony?”

“You tell me,” Tony replied.

“What did having sex with you mean to me?” he repeated as if he were trying to memorise the lines.

“Lets see, well…I was teacher….I was taking your innocence and you were gathering experience from me to take to my father. That’s what sex with you meant to me.”

“The second time?” Tony asked him.

“The second time…lets see, I was stoned and you got rid of the two other guys and started coming on to me in the back of a car.”

“You could have said no,” Tony told him.

“Not very bloody likely,” Angelo snapped. “I was high and horny as hell and…”

“So, I could have been anyone then?”

“I didn’t say that,” he replied. His tone softened. “I didn’t say I didn’t want you then.”

“And now, right now?” Tony insisted, he moved closer still. He reached up his hand and caressed his cheek.

“Now, I want to sleep. I’m tired,” he told him, pushing his hand gently away.

Tony watched him as he brushed by him, his jacket flung over his arm. He disappeared around the side of the house without another word.

Tony swore. He hadn’t realized how angry he was until he kicked a lawn chair so hard it landed in the pool.

He stormed back inside.








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