EXCERPT: Durlla, Book 3 – The Witch and The Vampire Series (G)

Title: Duella- Book 3– The Witch And The Vampire Series
Author: Fawn Lowery

Publisher: Extasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-55487-045-5
Genre: Vampire, Series, Shapeshifter, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance
Flame Rating: 4 Flames
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin

Duella Sutherland stood near the rear of the brick building and peered upward at the nighttime sky. Clouds obscured the moon—the threat of rain was in the humid summertime air. He folded his arms across his chest and leaned one shoulder against the solid wall at his back. He had stood in the shadows for almost an hour, contemplating where he should go. Since his three brothers had been transported ahead in time as he was, and were all vampires and in need of fresh blood to survive, he knew it would put them all in danger, should they remain in the city and feed in virtually the same place night after night.

He sighed wearily. He had been happy once—in the year 1185, he had been a successful landowner, a man of considerable wealth and persuasion. He had fallen in love with a beautiful woman—only to find she was a devious witch who cast an evil spell over him when she found his older brother didn’t return her love. His brows drew together. It still puzzled him—how he could have unknowingly allowed the witch to seduce him while holding love for his brother in her heart. In the end, she had cast him into oblivion, darkness worse than the curse of vampirism, until a witch from the present arrived to end it all.

He gazed beyond the dark shadows to watch the passersby on the narrow street. The people passed as though there was no danger lurking nearby, no hungry predator ready to leap from the shadows and take their blood. He smiled slightly and shook his head. Perhaps the people of this time would be as unsuspecting as those in the time he left behind. Perhaps he could live among them and they would never know the curse he endured.

He pushed away from the wall and strode into the light cast by the tall streetlight at the end of the block. He needed to feed, to revive his flagging body. He would think more clearly, once he sated his blood thirst. He gazed up and down the street, turning his eyes slowly across the avenue and beyond the lit sidewalk.

There are many mortals to choose from. He licked his dry lips. His throat felt parched. He walked in the direction of a single figure, a woman who had just left the safety of a nearby building. He would catch up to her and place her under his power, then feed until he felt the rejuvenation of his body. He quickened his steps, arriving within seconds beside his prey.
The woman glanced over her shoulder, glimpsed him beside her and screamed.

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