Rainbow Reviews says of DIVINITAS: “Laura Tolomei easily relates the historical contexts of the periods in question, including ancient Egypt and ancient Persia, as well as Celtic England. The plotting is fairly well-paced.”
Love, betrayal, destiny, the ingredients connecting two men’s lust to their quest of the divine as Spirit, defeated by Flesh, falls short of creating Divinitas..
*TITLE: *Divinitas
*AUTHOR: *Laura Tolomei
ISBN: 978-1-55487-ARC
* RELEASEE DATE*: January 1st, 2009
*GENRE: *historical, dark fantasy, gay, lesbian ménage, paranormal, deity, deities, god, gods**

*PUBLISHER: *eXtasy Books

Through time and space, there’s a lot of love. But love gone wrong can turn to betrayal and seal one’s destiny forever. And destiny has the bad habit of repeating its pattern lifetime after lifetime as two men, caught in their passionate love, struggle eternally in quest of the divine.
From the ancient walls of Egypt, Us-Yri’s sexual obsession for Set gets in the way of his destiny to ascend from ruler to god of the underworld. His Spirit returns as Mitra, Prince of the ancient Persian empire, to continue on struggling against his lust for Vayu in order to become the new shiny god of rebirth, judging the souls of the deceased. But only Shaun and Halifax in Celtic England will finally reveal the truth about Divinitas.
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Excerpt PG:
“You’re crazy to submit to these tortures,” Vayu scolded bitterly as he passed the healing lotion on the blistered skin. Wherever he looked, the Aryan saw tiny bubbles bursting with water. Underneath, the defenseless red and raw flesh throbbed relentlessly, sending fresh pain waves to the entire body.
* * * *
For days, Mitra could neither lie down nor wear clothes. His tortured body hardly withstood the air circling on the raw skin and the mere thought of anything brushing against it, even by accident, caused him untellable pains. Now the worst seemed to be over, though it still stung whenever Vayu’s hand spread the soothing lotion.
“You don’t understand,” Mitra said, trying to ignore the pain.
“What’s there to understand, Varuna? You all seem mad to me, including your father. What have you proven with this insane act?”
Mitra sighed deeply. If he had to explain it rationally to someone who did not believe in his faith, it would probably make no sense. “It helps the mind control the body,” he said at last.
“Why do you need your mind to control what lives of material passions? The two travel separate ways and it would be foolish if one controlled the other.”
“You’re wrong, devil,” Mitra argued patiently. “We are a combination of soul, mind and body. They seem separate to a neophyte, yet they are one single entity,” he explained, revealing the mystery of the Three joined as One. “The soul’s journey is what’s really important because it is everlasting, but the mind and body both contribute to its travel.”
“Your Magi is f^cking with your head, sweet Prince. They taught me that mind, body and soul are each a part of us and we should explore their potentials, not limit anyone in particular. They define us as human beings,” he pressed harder on the raw skin to mark his point, “made of flesh and blood. If you try to deny that part of yourself, you’d be wasting the essence of life itself.”
“I don’t deny it,” Mitra retorted hotly, wincing from the pain. He remained silent for a while. “I just think there has to be something more than immediate material satisfactions. When I’m dead and my soul has to face the final judges, whoever they may be, what will it tell of my life?”
“That you f^cked a lot and with increasingly higher satisfaction,” Vayu teased, his hand playing with Mitra’s ass.
“F^ck you, devil. Would you give such an answer?”
Vayu bent down to brush his lips against Mitra’s, his tongue gently tracing the thin edges. “I’d be proud to give such an answer, knowing who my lover was.”

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