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NEW YORK (June 9, 2008) _ The 2008 New York Book Festival’s final registration deadline arrives at midnight on June 15 for its annual competition. Entries to the competition are eligible for reading slots at the June 28 day festival in Central Park and can attend our gala awards ceremony on June 27 at the Algonquin Hotel, the famed literary landmark that spawned the Algonquin Round Table.

Authors scheduled to appear at the Central Park day festival include:

  • Richard Barone was a part of the Bongos, the leaders of the Hoboken, N.J. music scene that flared in the 1980s. His new book, “Frontman,” is an account of the world as seen through the eyes of the man who stands at the center of the music maelstrom. Joining Barone’s music accompaniment will be a reading by actress Joyce DeWitt, best known for her role in the TV series “Three’s Company.”

  • Entertainment Weekly writer Tanner Stransky is out to Find Your Inner Ugly Betty. His new book details work/life challenges and offers kernels of wisdom on how to navigate them, a la the TV series heroine.

  • Judith Matloff thought she was settling down in her dream home in West Harlem. Instead, she mistakenly moved into a home that was notorious as a drug-trafficking epicenter. How she survived is details in Home Girl: Building A Dream House On A Lawless Block

  • Michael Teitelbaum has written more than 200 children’s books based on such pop culture icons as Men in Black, X-Men and Spider-Man. His latest series is Backyard Sports (Grosset & Dunlap), a chapter book series based on the #1 sports video game franchise for kids.

  • New York Mets hero Art Shamsky is the author of The Magnificent Seasons, a book about the magical 1969-1970 span when the New York Jets, New York Mets and New York Knicks won championships for the first time. The book follows the exploits of the three teams and chronicles the effect on the people of New York City and the country.

  • Brooklynite Nina Malkin is a cat person and author of An Unlikely Cat Lady: Feral Adventures in the Backyard Jungle (Globe Pequot), a memoir of her efforts to serve, protect and defend the cats in her backyard. She is also the author of juvenile fiction classics Orange is the New Pink and 6x The Uncensored Confessions.

  • Michael Albert is the author of An Artist’s America (Henry Holt), which covers his noted collage career from depictions of cereal boxes through his more recent explorations of large historical scenes.

  • Beth Schoenfeldt is the cofounder of the online networking and offline support system Women Who Launch, and has now brought her vision out in a new book, Ladies Who Launch: How To Live Your Dreams and Love Your Life (St. Martins Press), a holistic self-help manifesto.

  • David DeVries, award-winning creator of Monster Engine, has spent two decades illustrating for Marvel, DC, Lucas Films and Universal Studios, among others.

  • Abiola Abrams is the author of Dare, (Simon & Schuster), a romp through the world of two women who play by their own rules, and host of The Best Shorts, an independent film competition on BET. Her extensive credits include numerous film and TV appearances.

    Last year, over 20,000 attendees enjoyed the beauty and serenity of Central Park as they browsed books, listened to music and author readings and enjoyed our food vendors. This year, the day festival will offer expanded stages and new opportunities for authors, publishers, musicians and vendors. Please e-mail NewYorkBookFest@aol.com for an application.

    The 2008 New York Book Festival will consider published, self-published and independent publisher non-fiction, fiction, children’s books, teenage, how-to, audio/spoken word, comics/zines, e-books, poetry, wild card (anything goes!), unpublished stories, science fiction, horror, photography/art, romance and biography/autobiography works.

    A panel of judges will determine the winners based on the following criteria:

    1) The story-telling ability of the author.

    2) The potential of the work to win wider recognition.

    Entries can be in German, Portuguese, English, Spanish, French or Italian and must be published on or after January 1, 2000. Our grand prize for the 2008 New York Book Festival Author of the Year is $1500 and a flight to New York for the awards and our day festival in Central Park.

    TO ENTER: Click on the “ENTER THE COMPETITION” link at newyorkbookfestival.com and follow the directions to get an entry form. Forms may also be faxed/e-mailed to you by calling our office at 323-665-8080 or e-mailing us at NewYorkBookFest@aol.com. You may also register over the phone with a credit card. Applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable entry fee via check, money order, credit card payment or PayPal online payment of $50 in U.S. dollars for each submission. Multiple submissions are permitted but each entry must be accompanied by a separate form and entry fee.

    VENDORS AND MUSICIANS: If you would like to be a part of our day festival in Central Park, please e-mail us at NewYorkBookFest@aol.com for an application.

    The New York Book Festival is produced by JM Northern Media LLC, producers of the Hollywood Book Festival, DIY Convention, London Book Festival and DIY Book Festival, and is sponsored by the Larimar St. Croix Writers Colony, The Hollywood Creative Directory, eDivvy, Westside Websites and Shopanista.

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