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Title: The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones
Producer: Paramount Entertainment
Website: http://www.paramount.com
Genre: action /adventure /drama /history /tv
Release Date: 29th April, 2008
ISBN 13 : 0-7888-7130-7
Length : Total of 15+ hours
Format: DVD / Movie/ Documentaries/ 10 disk set
Special Features: Special Features offer background documentaries on famous authors, newspaper reporters, wars and other events referred to in the movies. Full screen.
Rated: US not-rated/ CAN rated PG
Reviewer: Lucille P Robinson

This special 10 DVD set outlines the life of Indiana Jones as a young man and is a must for lovers of Indiana Jones starring Harrison Ford. We see young Jones search for love, for work to pay for the archaeology courses needed to realize his dreams, his fantastic knack for getting out of scrapes and hard spots and his turmoil over the relationship with his father. Sean Patrick Flannery is a worthy actor to play as the young man who will grow into the adventurer Harrison Ford has immortalized and one we’ve all come to love. As in all action movies, the setting is constantly changing giving us new sights, sounds and excitement as Indy races through each one making his mark in the lives of others.

DISK 1-Tales of Innocence-North Italy to Morocco 1917

You’ll laugh as you follow Indy and Earnest Hemingway in the battle to win the same beautiful woman who seems to have more than one suitor. Neither gets the girl. Later, Indy meets Edith Wharton, a famous author, and uses her as a cover for his investigation into who is responsible for selling arms to the enemy. After his mission is completed, he and Ms. Wharton meet Lowell Thomas, who asks for an interview with Ms. Wharton. In the Special Features of this disk the viewer can learn about Edith Wharton, Earnest Hemingway, and Lowell Thomas as well as the French Foreign Legion.

DISK 2-Masks of Evil-Istanbul to Transylvania 1918

The Turkish war is on and Indy meets with Ataturk Revolutionaries. Here he meets Halide Edib, a woman considered the greediest person around. Later, Indy goes to Transylvania and meets Dracula. Special Features tell us more about Halide Edib, her life and writing; the Ataturk Revolution, the Ottoman Empire and last, but certainly the most interesting, the life of Dracula:
Fact & Fiction.

DISK 3-Treasure of the Peacock’s Eye-Egypt to Java to South Pacific 1919

The war will end in one hour and Indy must get a certain soldier and bring him back to France, but when he arrives at the front line, the man gets shot. His dying words are: The Peacock’s Eye, you must get back the Peacock’s Eye. The shout that proclaims the war is over rings throughout the country side, and Indy begins a chase to the South Pacific and back to get the little box the man has. Though Indy gets the box back, he doesn’t get the Peacock’s Eye. Special Features gives us three documentaries to cover
special characters Indy meets as well as the war in New Guinea.

DISK 4-The Winds of Change-Paris to Princeton 1919

Indy watches as Woodrow Wilson and other Heads of State sign the peace treaty with Germany. After the meeting, Indy makes it home to see his father. Unable to solve their relationship problems, Indy takes to the road again. No Special Features on this disk.

DISK 5-The Winds of Change-Paris to Princeton 1919

Special Features only. Documentaries covering The Paris Peace Conference, Woodrow Wilson, Gertrude Bell, Ho Chi Minh, Paul Robeson, and Robert Goddard flesh out the meetings in which Indy participated in the movie on Disk 4.

DISK 6-Mystery of the Blues-Chicago 1920

Still determined to study to become an archeologist, Indy runs about Chicago trying to find work so he can pay his college tuition, hoping for a nice relationship with one of the women he meets. In the process, Indy learns how to play the Saxophone, the Blues and Jazz. He’s hot.

DISK 7-Mystery of the Blues-Chicago 1920

Again Special Features only. In his pursuits in Disk 6, Indy has met Al Capone and Eliot Ness. He’s learned Jazz and the Blues during the era of Prohibition. SF covers these points in depth giving us a better understanding of each one.

DISK 8-Scandal of 1920-New York City 1920

The title speaks for itself. Special Features include Tin Pan Alley, The Algonquin Round Table, and Broadway. Yes, Indy has work involving Broadway. Here he gets indoctrinated into acting and what makes a good play.

DISK 9-Hollywood Follies-Hollywood 1920

Again, the title speaks for itself. Indy is thrown into the excitement of making movies when he accepts a job to go to Hollywood and tell Erich von Stroheim that he must finish his film in 10 days or be shut down. Sounds easy, doesn’t it. Not so easy as Indy soon learns. Here again, we see Indy’s exceptional talent for getting through obstacles as he deals with Stroheim.

DISK 10-

This disk offers the viewers an Interactive Time Line, a historical lecture given by H. W. Brands, Professor of History at the University of Texas at Austin and last, but not least, an interactive game called Hunting for Treasure.

In my opinion this is the greatest collector series of Movie/DVDs ever put together because I am already in love with Indiana Jones, the older gentlemen, like so many other women over the world. After viewing these 9 movies, I am now in love with the younger Indy Jones. Genius, adventurer, lover, gentleman, Indiana Jones whether young or old captures the heart of the stay-at-home mom, young career woman, and even the teenager who sometimes feel life is passing them by. I would have liked more of a connection between the young Jones and the Jones we know of the Temple of Doom, Last Crusade and Raiders of the Lost Ark. However, this lack of connections does not lessen the pleasure of watching the 9 movie DVDs in this boxed set. One may use any DVD player, including the DVD/CD ROM of the computer to view the movies, but Disk 10 can not be enjoyed unless one uses the computer’s DVD ROM or DVD/CD ROM. The set is worth having and is a true collectors’ item.
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