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Today for my Friday Finds (FF) I am trying something different.

I love discovering new books to read, and displaying them here each Friday. I know it’s nerdy, but it’s a wonderful experience to visit another book blog or author site, only to find yet another book, or two, to add to my ever growing wishlist. However, I am also discovering that my FF’s get filed away here, and I rarely look at them again, as there are always so many more finds to list, each week. It kind of gets out of control! So, I’ve diligently gone through all my FF’s and added them here. I’m pretty new to FF’s, so there are not too many to list. Now they are all on one useful page, which I hope to add to. In the future this should mean I can then find them all in one quick press of a button, which has got to be easier than searching each post labeled FF.  But it’s not the complete solution for someone as anal as me. Oh, things are never that simple with Sassy.

I often frequent the local secondhand bookstalls and charity shops for my books, but when I am there unless I have a specific title or author I am looking for, or it’s a day when I am really organised, I rarely remember anything from my humongous wish list. Maybe it’s my age? But, usually twenty somethings don’t have that sort of problem. (And if you believe that I love you!) 

Anyway, back to the meat of the matter. Yes, you’ve guessed it, I need to find a suitable notebook. Don’t groan. A notebook fanatic like me can’t have too many. In fact, I’m truly considering in obtaining another notebook to list all the notebooks I have on the go! But that, you’ll be happy to hear, is a completely different story. One I’ll save for when I have found “The One” Yes, the Neo of all notebooks.

Lucky you.

Right now, I need a decent sized pad that’s not too heavy, so I can carry it around with me in my (medium sized) handbag. If it’s too small it will just get lost in the bottom of my bag. Plus, I don’t like tiny notepads where the pages are easily ripped out. In my opinion they really are only useful for notes, shopping lists, and to have handy for those people that say, ‘Has anyone got anything to write on?’ I shudder at the thought of saying yes, only to realise seconds later that they intend to rip pages from my GOOD notebooks!


So, here are my Friday Finds all on one neat page. If anyone finds a suitable notebook that can stand up to this job, please let me know.  Gosh! I can’t believe I have spent my Friday evening, writing about notebooks. But hey, I cannot, under any circumstances, pain or death, go out on a Friday night, until both True Blood (Season 1) and Peep Show (Series 6) have finished! So, I’m afraid you’re stuck with me.


My Friday Finds! (Yes, you may cheer — I got there in the end! Is it still Friday?)

Book links (where applicable) open at Amazon. Names in brackets are my way of saying thanks to the person that told me about the book in the first place. Links to your blogs will be added here, too!)  This is an ongoing list. 

The Stangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker — Leanna Renee Hieber (Sandy)

Once Upon a Nightmare — Lee Moylan  (Electric Reader)

Halfway to the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel — Jeaniene Frost (Electric Reader)

Last Rites — Shaun Hutson — hardcover is due out 1st October 2009 (Popin)

Child 44 — Tom Rob Smith (author, Chris Carter)

Skinned — Robin Wasserman (Thanks, Eleni!)

Crashed — Robin Wasserman (Thanks, Eleni!)

One — Conrad Williams (Carolyn)

Half-Truths & White Lies — Jane Davis (Carolyn)

Turn Coat: Dresden Files 11 — Jim Butcher (Caspette)

To Love Honour and Betray: He’s Made Love and Now it’s War!  — Kathy Lette (Blodeuedd)

All Steamed Up: Splash proof book & Radox Bath Product — Kathy Lette  — See my review – See my related GIVEAWAY.

Minion: Vampire Huntress Legend — L.A. Banks (Taschima)

Meridian by Amber Kizer (Taschima) 

Holly’s Inbox – by Holly Denham  (Taschima) 

The Giver by Lois Lowry — ( Pizza& Zakk)

Handling the Undead —  John Ajvide Lindqvist — 
If you look here you can see the film’s website, and watch the trailer, but be warned it is R rated (I think that means 18+ here in the UK) and pretty scary

The Zombie Survial Guide — Max Brooks —   

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith —

What’s your Friday Find?
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