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Emma in the Night #Review

Emma in the NightEmma in the Night by Wendy Walker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emma in the Night is a cleverly written psychological suspense story about two sisters who disappeared from their family’s life and the mystery surrounding why only one came back – three years later.

The opening sentence explaining what a narcissist is had me hooked right from the very beginning and as I continued to read it became quickly apparent the girls came from a dysfunctional family with several problems of their own to contend with.

I found the pace a little slow at the beginning, however, it was Cass’ voice (the unreliable narrator) who kept me reading, and I am so glad I did! Does Cass know more than she is letting on? Are her actions justifiable? What would you do in the same position? These are just many questions I asked myself as I read along.

The story unravels via two points of views; Cass, the sister of the missing Emma, and the FBI forensic psychologist, Detective Abby Winters. Bit by bit Cass reveals her side of the story, whilst Abby tried to piece together every little bit of evidence and information there is in an effort to discover Emma’s whereabouts. Is she still alive? Can she be saved?

Overall, Wendy Walker weaves an entertaining mystery about two vulnerable and impressionable young girls, with well researched flair and panache.

Delve into the darker side of human experience in this thought-provoking tale of messed up childhoods, mental illness and the effect it has on family members dealing with their own demons.

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