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I’m on a mission to review all my outstanding non-fiction books this month, since it’s non-fiction November. And there’s a lot! Will I be able to do it?  I’ll give it my best shot.



In Five Seasons of Jam by Lillie O’Brien shares a variety of different jam recipes of which she has discovered over the years during her travels. Many have unusual and quirky ingredients, although that may not be the case depending where abouts in the world you live.
Lillie offers lots of tips and ideas about not just the cooking of the jams, but how to access them if you don’t grown your own, or cannot find them in local shops. Some ingredients the author admits are hard to find, for example, the mulberries. If you can find a farm that sells them, great! If you happen to have a mulberry tree in your garden, or know someone who has, even better!
Why include hard to find ingredients? Well, for some they may not actually be that hard to find. Plus, much of what makes this book a little different from just a normal recipe book, is hearing Lillie’s story’s about her travels and how through families and friends she has discovered these fruits. And now, because she is more famous, she also get’s invites from helpful people who offer the chance to come and pick the harder-to-find fruits.
The hardback book is rather a good looking one, and inside there are many full page, colourful pictures. Each section is separated into seasons:
ALIVE- mid to late spring.
HOT – summer
BLUSH – early autumn
BARB – late autumn
FROST – winter to early spring
Overall this is a well thought out book, which is ideal for jam makers who want to go one step further and try the more different recipes. I particularly liked the ideas O’Brien shared for the Christmas recipes. I don’t know why it is, but I do tend to get more adventurous with my cooking around this seasonal period.  I’m sure I’m not the only one! Would make a great gift for any jam making fiends.


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