#day25 #abookaday from the #Manchester Curry Mile UK

#day25 #abookaday from the #Manchester Curry Mile UK
Yesterday, I went back to Manchester to bring my son and all his stuff home as university is finished for this year. I’m so glad to have him home, as only a couple of days ago he actually took a photo from his window of a “situation” that was later on the news. Police barricades. Bomb disposal units. Shops were being vacated. It’s shocking how close to home it was.

Then last night, more people were killed, this time in London. Terrible. What’s happening to our country, our world?

– Seven dead, 48 taken to hospital – Incident declared as terrorism – Three suspects shot dead

It’s so sad. I originally intended this post to be about diversity, and how we are capable of living together as caring humans in a modern society whatever our race or religion, which of course is still true not all people are evil. I didn’t expect to wake up to more killings. Shocking!

My heartfelt condolences go out to all the family and friends of those who lost their lives last night ❤ #WeStandTogether #PrayForLondon

Thank you to all of you who risked your own safety to help those in need during the attack.

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