#Day22 #abookaday . . . Read the book or watch the film first?

#Day22 #abookaday! (Well, maybe more than one book, most days lol)

Do you like to see the film first, or read the book?

With The Girl on the Train I read the book as soon as it came out, which I think helped understand the mixed up flashback film version. Aggh!
With Apple Tree Yard, I’ve been holding off seeing this BBC drama production until after I’ve read the book as I do like to read the book first.
So I can picture my own ideas about what the characters look like in my head, before the choices are made for me.  Besides, a book always explains what is going on a lot better than a film, doesn’t it? Although, being a bit of a film buff too, I’m not opposed to a good film. When I’ve read an enjoyable book I ALWAYS want to see how well they’ve made the film and if it lives up to the book’s expectations lol
Which do you prefer to do first? Watch or read?
Have a great Wednesday!

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14 thoughts on “#Day22 #abookaday . . . Read the book or watch the film first?

    1. Sometimes I want to see the movie first, but usually I’d rather read the book first for the same reasons you suggested. Most of the time, the movie doesn’t do the book justice, but occasionally a mediocre book is made into a much stronger screenplay and film. Surprise!
      Out Now: Book 2 in the BloodDark (YA SF) series–Olivia’s Return!

      1. Hi Cynthianna!

        Oh, yes, sometimes the book can be made into a much stronger film or screenplay. I think with The Lord of The Rings films, the books were not quite as fun as the film, which was very easy going to watch. Of course, both had their own merits.

    2. I usually don’t do both. I don’t like to read a book first and see the movie, or vice versa. I want to be surprised about what happens.

      1. Yes, it does seem that which ever way around you go, there’s a chance that one might spoil the surprise twist for the other. Although, not all books and films have the same ending. It’s a chance we have to take!

      2. Yes, it does seem that which ever way around you go, there’s a chance that one might spoil the surprise twist for the other. Although, not all books and films have the same ending, it’s a chance we have to take!

    3. Yes, Felicia,

      Wherever possible, I do like to try. But sometimes if the film is out and I haven’t read the book, it’s very tempting to just go for the film first. And catch up with a good book, which is hopefully even better than the film.

      1. That has happened to me a time or two, and I was like, “They left this part out of the movie…why leave THIS part out? This is so good!” LOL! 😄

    4. In my experience the movies rarely live up to the book, some bear little resemblance to actual events in the storyline (Midnight Express is a prime example). Another slightly different example is the Bourne Identity. I didn’t know until late in the book whether the central character was good or bad but in the film it is apparent very early on. It is a moot question really because in the first example I would recommend the movie first then see what really happened but in the second example I would say read the book first.

      1. I’m just releasing your comment from spam, no idea why you’re hiding there! Sorry about that! Oh yes, Stephen King’s The Shining, as much as I love it, the book has a very different ending. There are several other recent examples I can also thing of. The Circle – I loved the book, couldn’t make head or tail of what was going on in the film! (Family who watched with me also mentioned how it didn’t seem to make sense). Personally, I found LOTR fairly hard to read, and enjoyed the films much better as they were also visually entertaining.

  1. It depends. It can go either way for me – I’l consume whichever comes my way first, and I usually end up liking the one I experienced first more. An exception here is Stephen King’s 11.22.63. I watched the TV show first, loved it, and ended up reading the book – my first Stephen King. I absolutely love both, and I can’t decide which one I like best, and they are quite different.

    1. Hi Pamela! I loved that series, too. I remember it had James Franco in it, and at first I felt that was kind of odd, he was not what I pictured, but I’m a fan of his (and Stephen King) and quickly came around to loving it! Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment.

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