#day20 #abookaday: Which book do you remember fondly, and why?

Sorry, not a great picture, I took this one on my phone! 

Imagine a world where sickness kills off all the adults…

I’m posting this book today as my previous #abookaday feature (#day19) brought up the topic of buying books purely because of the cover and how good they look. I do this. Yep, I totally admit this. Guilty as charged.

I vividly remember getting books for my son, trying to get boyish themes he’ll read and appreciate. The book above, Charlie Higson’s The Enemy, I bought because of the cover (well, the whole beautifully dark package actually) in 2009.  It’s still one of my favourites, since it’s about a world where only children under fourteen survived a sickness that killed off all the adults. Of course that had instant “horror” appeal to my son… and me!

I find many young adult books are really good at providing intriguing “must buy me” book appeal. In this case, it’s not just the front, but inside, too. There are white skulls with a black background on the inside front and back pages, and even little skulls at the beginning of each chapter. But what really did it for me was the colouring and how the pages are edged with black. A beautifully designed book is a true treasure of a find.

Along with the “all adults over the age of 14 die” horror theme, and the cool, black edges to the pages, this was one to remember!

Plus the book comes with the warning it contains strong language and scenes of violence (suitable for young adults of course!) which is also quite a thrill for the ages this book is being targeted toward.

Which book do you fondly remember and why?

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P.S. This post was due for Saturday, but my Internet went down. Scheduled posts went through but anything else I working on just sat there… so frustrating as I was out all day and couldn’t do a thing about it! 🙂 Aggggh!  Don’t you just love it when that happens?

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4 thoughts on “#day20 #abookaday: Which book do you remember fondly, and why?

  1. You’re right – that cover does have its appeal. I’m not a horror fan… and it terrifies me! 😄😄😄

    A book I remember because of its cover was a copy of Arabian Nights I received for Christmas in my early teens. The cover was a linen-like cloth. The cover image was a painting of a sunset in shades of purple, pink, and gold. Inside the front and back covers were maps of all the story locations. I felt transported to those places as I read each story. Very inspiring cover and book. 😉

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