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New Edition of Dr. Michael D. Preston’s Complete Manual on Hypnosis Now Available!

The How, What and Why of Hypnosis from one of the world’s experts
In great demand by professional practitioners as well as lay people, Dr. Michael D. Preston’s comprehensive manual on hypnosis, Hypnosis: Medicine of the Mind, – A Complete Manual on Hypnosis for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Practitioner , is available in a new edition at the Dandelion Bookstore and other online and brick and mortar bookstores worldwide.

“After reading your book for the third time, studying your video course, and listening to the cassette tapes, I have incorporated your techniques into my sessions without hesitation,” writes hypnotherapist Alex Szwed www.journeyofthemind.com
Known as the “Miracle Doctor,” in Hypnosis: Medicine of the Mind, Dr. Preston demonstrates his expertise as a hypnotherapist after years of personal experience and field research, using precise language and script-style format in a book that is both user-friendly and comprehensive.

The manual includes information about and demonstration of: induction techniques, deepening processes, tests for hypnotic depth, psychoneuroimmunology, age regression, hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, and special treatment for: alcohol, asthma, choking, depression, drugs, frigidity, gagging, impotency, insomnia, pain, stuttering, and weight loss.

Hypnotherapy is reportedly one of the most popular alternatives to drug and surgery therapies. Hypnotherapists cite breakthrough results for serious illnesses, addictions and dysfunctions as well as pain management, painless childbirth, allergies and a host of other debilitating health problems. It is also used extensively in relationships, career, finances and sports counseling, and in smoking cessation.

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  1. I’ve always found hynotherapy very interesting. I’ve listened to a few hypnosis CDs and found these particular ones very interesting (and extremely relaxing), but have never gone to see a practitioner.>>I’ve always wondered whether you can get the same benefit from CDs that you get from going to see someone in person? Any ideas anyone? >>I definately noticed the desired results when I used the CDs, but is that a result of the CD or just positive mental attitude (i.e. like the placebo effect)?

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