CONTEST: LASR weekly entries and an extra little bonus BOOK TRAILER

LASR (The Long and Short of It Reviews) will be featuring Finn’s trailer on specific days from now until the beginning of September. Answer the question for an entry into the LASR weekly contest.
The first question posts tomorrow, 7/8, on the Whipped Cream side of the site:
As an added little bonus – I have some lovely Finn magnets to give away. Every week LASR runs the trailer, I’ll ask a question of my own, but for these you have to read the book. Send the answer to me, , and I’ll draw a name on the following Monday.
Sound easy? It is!
Question for this week:
What artist does Finn take a a particular liking to at the museum?
Finn – Available NOW from Red Rose Publishing
Lioness on the Knife and Aftermath – Coming Soon from Red Rose Publishing

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