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A Matter Among Men by Destiny Blaine

Copyright © 2008


Jack Dawson is solid cowboy. He’s built for a woman’s indefinite pleasure but only one cowgirl has his attention. His body indicates he can deliver on any woman’s fantasy but Darlene knows Dawson’s type. They have tall hats, big ideas and of course, they possess the grandest of them all. She’s not easily impressed until she comes face to face with a man who plans to ruin her for another cowboy.

Jack and Darlene know one another from a past life but hard time and a harder past have changed them both. When Jack shows up on Darlene’s ranch, he makes few bones about it. He’s there to claim the woman he’s supposed to have, the land that belongs to him, and the life he’s placed on hold for far too long. And when he does—he’ll make sure he has a damn good time

doing it….

Chapter 1 Excerpt

I grew up with his kind. I knew all about them. They had tall hats, big ideas, and of course, they possessed the grandest of them all. Yes, I’m referring to a somewhat useless thing that on occasion finds some measure of purpose. The most treasured possession of every man alive—or obsession, which is often the case.

I rode horses with the best of them since I stood knee-high to where those good-ole-boys kept their prized assets. They bored me on most occasions, and since I had to listen to their tell-all tales from an early age forward, I almost decided to hold out for marriage. Almost— a little word, but it held a lot of meaning. Almost doesn’t count when someone’s trying to keep their virginity. I almost kept mine but didn’t. Thanks in part to Finn McClanahan.

Finn changed my mind. Owing my gratitude all to him, I gained experience. He told me more than once ‘a practiced woman’ earns her place in a man’s bed, and of course, I bought into such a line of bullshit. He claimed he also gave me treasured memories, but those are really up for debate.

“Darlene! Darlene! Are you in there?” The bathroom door was locked. I held the toothbrush to my teeth. I knew damn well she realized who stood on the other side of the door. I paused long enough to smile real big and grit my teeth in the mirror, making sure they looked pearly white. I did my best to scrub off any reminder that I’d had the better part of Finn McClanahan between my swollen lips the night before. My sister continued to bang on the wood separating us.

Looking into the mirror, I let out a sigh. I wasn’t bad looking. A little on the skinny side but definitely top heavy enough to keep Finn coming back, and sometimes, I liked it when he did. Okay, so I loved it. Most of the time anyway.

The door came crashing forward and hit me in the forehead.

“Fuck! Can’t you knock?”

She’d picked the lock. I knew she would.

She gave me her best “Bitch” for the morning and stared at my bare chest. Of course, I could count down what would follow from behind the closed bathroom door after she all but pushed me out into the hall.

“Darlene, you got no right to run around here topless. Stan spent the night, and it just ain’t right…”

I could still hear her bitchin’ as I strutted to the kitchen, grabbed an apple, and headed back to my room.

“Mornin’, Stan.” I smiled while brushing by him. Finn’s older brother had a great ass and I took my time staring at it.

He liked me. A lot.

“Darlene.” He nodded in my direction but never looked into my eyes. He closed the bedroom door to my sister’s room and threw on his cowboy hat.

I loved to toy with men, especially those older than me. The very cowboys who chose to ride my sister for free were fair game. Believe me, there were a bunch of them. My sweet sister had become quite good at running men through a stable of a different sort. Most people in town called her a whore, but I don’t recall seeing money on the table. I guess that made her stupid. With her body, she could’ve charged.

“Did you have a good time?” I took a bite out of the fruit and listened to myself chew. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. I looked over every inch of him. Squirm, Stan. Squirm. I wanted to laugh outright.

“Uh…” He kept his head down and his back to me.

I leaned over him but made sure my breasts never touched him. Still, a girl had to find her amusement somewhere. It was hard to find it in the middle of Tennessee. Whispering softly, I gave him some pointers. “She can hear you, so you better make it good. Say yes, Stan. Yes. Yes. Ahhhh, yes!” I giggled and turned to see my sister’s gaze raking me over imaginary hot coals…

Intimate Destruction

Copyright © 2008

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I applaud this novella for its delectation of character evolution ….Author Destiny Blaine deserves high praise for her delineation of narrator Anya, the woman who doesn’t seem to know when to stop. Like the proverbial turtle, Anya may move slowly but eventually she will achieve her goals-all of them…” Frost of Dark Angel Reviews

Intimate Destruction offers an older woman/younger man in a BDSM scenario that is loaded with intrigue and risk. There’s the familiar theme of consensual adultery and betrayal. Julian’s power, sexiness and intensity tease the imagination. Ms. Blaine’s writing keeps it going with edgy sexual tension and lurking deception…” Patrice of Joyfully Reviewed


Intimate Destruction is something no one ever wants to experience but Anya goes on a true search for it. Only, she doesn’t realize just how destroyed she can be by a man who plays with naughty toys.

Anya and her husband are swingers. Their lifestyle allows them to meet up with Julian and Katrina. Breaking all the rules of swinging, Anya wants to find Julian again after one night with him isn’t quite enough for a lifetime. When she finds him a year later, he isn’t as she remembers. Then again, he’s exactly as she wants him to be.

Julian is a Dom. Powerful in his BDSM lifestyle position; the women he takes to bed are submissive. Anya discovers the truth about him before she goes to his private suite, but she decides she can play the part. How hard can it be? She’s been swinging with her husband and other couples. The darker side couldn’t vary much by comparison.

When Anya meets up with Julian, she’s ready for the experience but he’s not sure she can handle him. Julian tells her that the last time they were together; she left him lusting for more. This time, it won’t happen. If she wants out, it’s time to cut her losses but Anya follows him into a secluded retreat where anything goes and everything does but the morning after is full of complications—and questions.


It wasn’t my first trip to the Posh Hop. My last visit lured me back for a second excursion. With any luck, I’d become a regular—if I found the man I needed to find. I was there the year before but it seemed like a lifetime ago. It was where I first spotted Julian and Katrina.

She projected the type of image most married women wouldn’t want to picture with their husbands. He was the type of man most men, regardless of their marital status, feared. Problem was, my husband never saw beyond Katrina’s apple bottom ass. I didn’t take the time to mention it. I guess some things aren’t worth voicing especially when a mind’s eye is more than a little preoccupied with its own focal candy.

Julian didn’t play second fiddle easily and once my husband disappeared, I quickly gathered as much but he, at least, returned the favor. In an instant, he made me feel like no other woman existed except me and I sure as hell didn’t think about my husband once he stared at me with knowing eyes.

After our Posh Hop swapping experience, I later cruised around the parking lot of the after-hours club for several months. A man like Julian doesn’t just leave a woman with memories. He leaves her forever ruined, destroyed for another—even if the other man happened to be her husband.

The ultimate betrayal existed as a long time in the making. The trip I planned without my significant other approached quickly and I knew he would view it as unforgivable. When we originally entered the club scene, we set guidelines—determined boundaries.

I walked into the forbidden zones of ecstasy without my lifelong partner. It was the very reason I fought against our initial membership in these clubs. I knew one day this would be my reality. The day arrived without a moment to spare. It became the day I chose to ignore my marriage vows and abandon the promises I once planned to keep.

Julian looked exactly as I remembered. I first saw him across the crowded room, beyond the layers and layers of sexually charged people. His striking good looks made him downright pretty—seriously built for a woman’s continual pleasure.

He saw me walk in and we immediately locked eyes. Recognition manipulated everything and my heart responded right away with flutters of rapid beats. The crowd held so we stood in our respective corners. He tilted the rim of a glass in my direction. I think I offered a smile, maybe a wink, in his.

The guilt never made an appearance. It teetered on completely nonexistent ground. After all, I stood on the very foundation my husband built. He allowed this when he first signed us up for the lifestyle. The blame he managed to carry, even acknowledge, when things weren’t always great in our own marriage bed. I refused to own it.

Julian’s eyes raked over me with a slow movement of steady approval. His glass went to the air, his forefinger extended beyond it. Slowly, he moved it back and forth. Come-hither looks, come and get it gestures—who wouldn’t want a man like Julian? Who indeed.

Beyond the Valley

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"This is a love story where two people come together, one wearing a chip on her shoulder, and the other not looking for a mate, and
create a beautiful relationship…This is a quick, easy read with a bit of mystery as you try to figure out why the heroine has a chip on
her shoulder. I loved the romantic, happily-ever-after ending. Great job Destiny, very nice….."
Rating: 5 Enchantments from
Desiree de Cleves of Enchanting Reviews

BEYOND THE VALLEY by Destiny Blaine is another hit! This book has a wonderful tangle of passion and understanding all intertwined. I began to bond with the main female character immediately. Victoria is so tough and head strong, you want to be just like her. Jonathan is a perfect match for her. He knows how to break through her tough exterior. Jonathan is one sexy cowboy, who had me tingling in the first few pages. Ms. Blaine has a wonderful way to her writing that is so smooth and captivating. I knew there was something in Victoria’s past that was going to be a shock, and when it finally plays out I was surprised. I certainly didn’t see it playing out the way it did, but I applaud Ms. Blaine for the twist that she put in, and they way it played out. I will definitely tell my friends to check her out….” Rating: 5 Becky Gaede of Dark Angel Reviews


There’s something special about Victoria McCoy, and Jonathan Woodwine knows it. She’s on his ranch to tame a stallion, but after he sees the woman ride, he wants her for his own. What man wouldn’t? She’s as wild as the beast underneath her, and proves it when she breaks the horse in record time. Now Jonathan must find a way to keep her close, because after his eyes have already done the unimaginable to her, he sees little reason to leave his body out.


The sun had just started to set when they all rode in two weeks after they’d departed. Jack took the horses immediately. “Now Victoria, I don’t want any lip from you tonight. You’re staying here with us.”

Jonathan agreed. “We’ve already discussed this. Victoria will be staying with us for some time.”

Jack smiled. “Glad to hear it.”

Victoria wheeled around quickly. “We never did anything of the sort!” She marched over to him fast. “Just because you knew my family doesn’t give you the right to—”

Jonathan cut her off. “Jack, if you’ll excuse us. We’ll be in the main house when you finish here.”

Jack beamed. “I hope it’ll still be standing by the time I get up there.”

Jonathan quickly led Victoria up the hill to his home. He pulled her by the wrist as she protested.

“Jonathan! Jonathan! Listen to me! A man cannot just drag a woman off to his house and demand that she stay. It isn’t right! It isn’t proper!” She screamed at him until they reached the porch. “I said let me go!”

Jonathan smiled down on her. “Fine. I’ll let you go long enough to do this.” His grin widened and he swooped down fast to pick her up. His left arm slid under her arms and his right cupped her legs.

“What are you doing? Put me down, dammit!” Her voice indicated outrage and her body seemed to defy it. She writhed under his touch and it happened on contact.

Her lips pursed to indicate a fit of pouting would soon follow. Jonathan kicked open the door and crossed over the threshold. He marched in the house and up the stairs. He made no mistake, it was a damn march.

“I said put me down!” She wiggled and fought against his hold.

“I plan to just as soon as I find the appropriate place.” He smiled at her.

“And if you aren’t careful, I may do something more than put you down.

I may just taste a bit of that anger for myself. It quite becomes you, love.”

“What did you call me? Argh! Last chance to set me down!” She continued her rant.

He walked past his sister’s room and straight into his own. Once there, he plopped her on the bed. Her eyes were wild.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She smacked at the mattress. Seething anger spilled from her eyes and her lips.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He watched her with adamant curiosity, a grin forming across his lips.

“You want to fuck me?” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Watch your mouth, Victoria, and I won’t tell you again. Ladies don’t talk like tramps.”

“Well, do you?” She further challenged. “Answer me! Damn you!”

One Vampire Summer

One Vampire Summer


Being a romance author has a few perks but Carol Langley rarely gets to experience them. That is until she meets her sexy-hot summer neighbor Tom O’Brien and that’s when things change. Tom is tall, dark, debonair and very sexual–something Carol didn’t even realize about herself until she had the pure pleasure of experiencing Tom. Of course, after one night of passion, she’s hooked and since Tom professed raw emotions to her, she assumes he is too. An assumption she made but didn’t bother to check and see if the feelings were mutual. Almost as soon as Tom leaves her bed, he’s on the lake with a busty little blonde and all but parading her around his front lawn.

They aren’t married. He has the right to see anyone he wants–and so does she. Carol quickly boards a plane bound for New York but things heat up quickly in First Class and a little romp is just what she needs to feel better about her Tom-Carol situation. That is, until things not only go haywire but they begin to unravel.

A sexual conquest at the airport, bad decisions and bad dreams, a quick make-out and make-up session with Tom and fires ignite. Questions and more intrigue than any one mortal woman can stand–but what about the immortal man? Who is Tom O’Brien? Where did he come from and how does he know so much about his summer neighbor? And why does Carol find him irresistible?

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Excerpt One:

Throughout the night, when he wasn’t with her, inside of her or even touching her soft skin, he craved her more. The body of the woman he was destined to have was more than a vampire could handle. He ached to tell her everything. He needed to let her know of his intentions. It would be her blood that would save him, but yet he wasn’t sure how to ask her to unshackle the cruelty of time’s fate and he wasn’t even sure she would willingly oblige.

Tom thought of his ancestors and the warnings of those who had gone before him. If he took her blood and became mortal, then she would have to willingly give it with the intent to stay with him for the rest of their natural lives. If he sipped on her sweet nectar, divine as he knew it would be, and she didn’t accept him as a lifelong companion, he would die. He wouldn’t be able to live without her.

Her blood would make him human. A mortal man to be reckoned with a forceful will and a lifelong legacy to leave behind. A normal life to enjoy. Children to have who would never know the curse of a vampire’s infinite, but yet tortured life. If he took the ripe red blood from her veins, he needed to know she would forever be his.

Forever. A little word with varied meanings. A vampire’s forever meant the pure definition. He would live on and survive as if time held no limits. Few barriers, if any. If he mated with the one woman who claimed his heart and she chose to willingly allow him to feast on her blood, then forever would be a natural born life. Something that he knew would take some getting used to because becoming mortal wasn’t an easy task for a vampire.

The touch of her hair and he was hard with anticipation. Would he feel differently as a man? Would he love her as he loved her from a simple photograph? Would he feel his erection with more intensity? Would her kiss be as flavorful as the first? He imagined it would only be better because he would not only kiss her with fervor and fuck her with desire but he would wander inside of her with a newfound gratification. He would owe her everything and make it a life mission to show his appreciation.

Excerpt Two:

The vampire stance took hold. His teeth dropped from the corners of his mouth and a sneer formed even when he tried to conceal it. He knew because he felt the drop beyond his lips. He placed a hand over his mouth to cover the obvious.

Tom was in a bad place and he understood why. His dick was hard—hurting him with a constant reminder and throbbing need. Now that he’d had the one woman who could make him a new man, a man at all, he stayed weighted down with desire. Driven by a need so deep, he cursed himself outright. “I should’ve just told you!”

That’s when he heard his sister’s voice. “Yes, you should have. You wasted enough time waiting for her to return to this cabin and yes, you should have told her everything. Once you find the one who can make you human, you have little time to consummate the union in the deepest sense.”

His glare loomed forward reaching for something, an intended place to redirect anger only he really didn’t have a target. There wasn’t a bulls-eye to aim for or anything to stare down. Just straight forward, his gaze moved beyond where he stood, but without intent or purpose.

“I never asked you to come here and now, I must ask you to leave.” He stared down at the water until he felt her walk away from him. He didn’t want to hurt his sister, but he knew without looking in her direction, he’d inflicted pain. He could feel it in the wind—see it in the lake as the swishing movement of a calmer tide crested over the bank covered in the ugliest of rocks. Those stones he felt in his heart. He knew the space they occupied all but crumbled the man living there under them—the one he wanted to show her he could one day become.

Destiny Blaine


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