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There’s a New Game in Town

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Destiny Blaine Presents

Sports Wives

A new series kicking off on July 1st 2008

Ladies and Gentleman, it’s time to score big with great fiction books and

even bigger with

Destiny Blaine

If you like to ‘score big’ then this is a series that will not only put some free e-books in your online folders but will also put some spectacular covers on your walls AND various prizes in your in-box and snail mail!

Yes, I’m talking about the Sports Wives series and you could win all of the Sports Wives covers signed, sealed (framed) and delivered to you!

And there’s more….

You could win gift cards to many of your favorite online shops, e-books and print books written by your favorite authors, and yes—you could win all of Destiny’s Sports Wives Covers
And they’re hot—check them out: (two are already posted)

How to play:

It’s easy

First, you sign up at Destiny’s newsletter

You can sign up at

The newsletter will be converted to an active group effective on July 8th–we were pushing for the 1st but we’re going to actively kick this promotion off on the 1st and by the 8th this loop will be ready to go!
You’ll have time to purchase and read the first book (Love, Lust and Scandal) in the Sports Wives Series so you can get in the game with yards already gained!

Now, after you sign up, two things will happen. First, nothing. That’s right. Nothing at all. Okay, so a polite welcome will follow but that’s about it.

However, On July 8th, the party will be in high gear with those who are already on the playing field!
Yes, I know.

I can hear them too.

The crowd is going wild!!!

The cheerleaders just dropped their pom-poms and the Quarterback just lost the ball. Everyone is looking over here to see what’s next.

You have to sign up at my loop to find out!

After you sign up, you’ll be qualified to join in the

There’s a New Game in Town Sweepstakes!

Join now and you’ll find out what it takes to score touchdowns

with Destiny Blaine and BookStrand’s Sports Wives series

Sign up today! The official rules are included below!


Official Rules for the

“There’s a New Game in Town Sweepstakes”

Please note purchase is not required to play in the “There’s a New Game in Town Sweepstakes” and this contest/sweepstakes is void where prohibited by law. You must be 18 years of age to participate.

There’s a New Game in Town Sweepstakes” is a contest/sweepstakes ran solely by Destiny Blaine, author. All of the prizes and/or gift cards are awarded at Destiny Blaine’s discretion in conjunction with the rules and guidelines of

“There’s a New Game in Town Sweepstakes”.

Please note, these rules can be modified at the discretion of author Destiny Blaine but in the event that they are modified, no one will lose the points accumulated in the game.

Explanation and Rules:

First, join Destiny’s loop on Yahoo which is on a newsletter status at this time but will be active on July 8th. One of the sole purposes of this loop is to promote the work of all authors. However, Destiny will use the loop to announce

the points accumulated and yards gained of all active players `on the field’ so be sure to join as soon as possible at:

Updates on yards gained and opportunities to gain yardage will be posted at

And players can also keep up with who is scoring touchdowns at Destiny’s blog which can be found at

Updates will be made there weekly as well.

“There’s a New Game in Town Sweepstakes” is kicking off with BookStrand’s release of Destiny Blaine’s Sports Wives series. The release of Destiny Blaine’s first book in the Sports Wives series is July 1st with Love, Lust and Scandal in Professional Football (

This contest will include trivia and will be ran in conjunction with the release of one other Destiny Blaine series. Two great sports-oriented series will be the driving force behind the trivia questions and the purpose of Destiny Blaine’s There’s a New Game in Town Sweepstakes.

How to Play:

The object of the game is to gain `yardage’ just like players would in a football game. In order to do this, you can look at the list below and see what it takes to gain yards. Also, `players’ can watch Destiny Blaine’s loop (Front page) for more opportunities throughout the football season. There, they’ll learn more about last minute opportunities to gain yards for a touchdown! And on the rare occasion, learn how to `kick a field goal’ and gain more points!

Every player will begin on the `one yard line’ and every player will win books and snail mail prizes for touchdowns. Those will be posted on July 8th which is the `official kick-off’ of this sweepstakes.

Once a touchdown has been made, six points will be accrued and a bonus question sent to the player. This `bonus question’ will be something about the books or life of Destiny Blaine. Sports trivia will also be posted. This is the opportunity to gain the `extra point’.

After the player kicks the field goal or runs a touchdown, they return to the one yard line and begin again. At the end of the `season’ (which will be December 31, 2008), one grand prize winner will win the `Ultimate New Game in Town Prize Package”. Whoever has the most points will win the Ultimate New Game in Town Prize Package. The more touchdowns and field goals scored, the more opportunities you have to win.

The Ultimate New Game in Town Prize Package consists of but is not limited to:

  1. $100.00 gift card to player’s favorite online venue (bookstore, apparel, etc.)
  2. All of Destiny Blaine’s print and e-book titles released in the upcoming 2009 season
  3. All of the Sports Wives covers signed, framed and delivered to your home as the Sports Wives are released. Grand Prize winner will receive the released and current Sports Wives covers by January 30, 2009.

4. In addition to this super prize package, there will be promo items added to the prize package and those will be determined closer to 12-31-2008. These promo items will offer the grand prize winner a sneak preview of the promo items Destiny will be taking with her to the 2009 Australian Romance Readers Convention

Gaining Yards: (the rules are updated in this portion to allow for more opportunities to gain yardage and score a touchdown)

It’s simple: To gain yards, you can buy Destiny Blaine titles, come to chats, blogs, etc. The opportunities for each month will be posted on Destiny’s loop front page. To kick off the contest, the following opportunities will offer the `player to gain yardage’ and get in on the game early: (Yes! It begins July 1st—today!)

  1. Buy any Destiny Blaine title on July 1 or 2nd and send the receipt to destinyblaine@… with I’m in the GAME in the subject line. Copy and paste the receipt and be sure the date is shown and the title of the book. Once verified, you will gain five yards!
  2. Buy Destiny’s new release out now from BookStrand on July 1st or 2nd and gain 20 yards! Please note: The 20 yards gained for a July 1st or 2nd purchase is to kick off this new sweepstakes and few opportunities will exist to gain that many yards at one time. Once you purchase your book from BookStrand, send the receipt copy (copy and paste) to destinyblaine@… with I’m in the Game in the subject line. You’ll gain an immediate 20 yards!
  3. Blog with Destiny on July 2nd by stopping by to comment on this sweepstakes and you’ll gain three yards! To blog, drop by and let us know you are in the game!
  4. Finally, if you purchase any new release in JULY— ON RELEASE DAY (and there’s another one unrelated to sports on July 1st and 21st) you will gain 15 yards. Please send your receipt to destinyblaine@… with I’m in the Game in the subject line. July 1st–One Vampire Summer releases from eXtasy Books and on the 21st, A Matter Among Men will release from Siren.
  5. Please note, this contest began on July 1, 2008 with the official start of July 8th. Purchases prior to July 1st are not included for yardage gains.

Who keeps up with the points:

We do and you do. Every time you send in a “I’m in the Game” receipt or completed trivia, it will go into your folder so we can keep an accurate count of how many yards you’ve gained and points you’ve scored. When you are within a few yards of scoring a touchdown, you will be notified.

What you can win:

E-books, Print books, bookmarks, signed and framed book covers, beautiful costume jewelry, $100 gift card, other gifts and gift cards for touchdowns scored, Destiny Blaine apparel and promo items, and yes, football gear from some of your favorite football teams!

Are there other ways to score a touchdown?

You’d better believe it. It will be as simple as watching a football game too. We’ll have trivia questions, buying opportunities, and so much more headed your way on July 8th with the grand re-opening of Destiny’s loop on July 8th (Kick-off time for our sweeps!)

When can I enter?

Anyone over 18 years of age can enter.

You can get in the game today because there is “A NEW GAME IN TOWN” and we’re ready to play ball! Check out the new Sports Wives series at

Please note, none of the publishers, chat rooms, moderators, or any vendor will be responsible for prizes or ultimately, the awarding of prizes. All prizes are bought and paid for by Destiny Blaine unless otherwise indicated.

This is going to be a phenomenal ongoing contest/sweepstakes. Get in the game today!
Special Chapter Read from Love, Lust, and Scandal in Professional Football


For as long as I can remember, I’ve watched professional football. There’s something about snuggling up in my flannel gown with a hot cup of cocoa sipping in the flavor while watching a field full of tight asses run up and down the turf. There’s nothing like it. A woman can really begin to feel the love just by escaping into the world of blood, sweat and tears. Okay, so that developed into quite a visual. Leave it to me. I get carried away when I think about these guys.

I’ve heard plenty of men describe the sensation they have when they first step into an open stadium. The way the sounds engulf them with the rumble of cheers and stomping, clapping and screaming–it’s been described as an out-of-body experience. I can truly relate. Every kick-off I watch on football Sunday rallies the excitement in my soul, even though so much has changed since I decided to become a devoted fan.

Years ago, I watched the games on television and now, I’m in the lap of luxury. Football altered my life course. Thanks to the game, I’m living in a different end zone altogether. My name is Cassie Teller and this is my story.

Chapter 1

I can’t remember ever gladly answering my phone during a football game. All of my girlfriends used to call me during, not before, Sunday’s games. They typically wanted to grab a quick tip or two on the day’s events. They always wanted to try and impress the guy of the hour so on occasion, I shared my knowledge.

Since I have numerous girlfriends who date the jock-type, I eventually stopped answering my phone. After all, there were too many things these gals disrupted on Sunday afternoon, or heaven forbid, on Monday Night. Since my fantasies were few and far between, the guys in tight pants won my attention and did they ever hold it once they earned it.

The Sunday before Christmas 2005 turned into the exception. The phone rang during the Pittsburgh and Minnesota game. I happened to knock it off the hook or else I wouldn’t have answered it. On the other end, I heard a familiar voice.

Steve, also known as my best friend with sexual benefits, tripped over his words and I barely paid attention to anything he said. I just knew he crashed my private party looking for a little roll in the hay. Immediately on guard, I went from zero to bitch in three point seven seconds. He called, after all, to interrupt my favorite pastime.

“Steve, what are you doing? It’s not even half-time yet.” The words seemed to flip off my tongue.

Lucky for me, he didn’t notice because he, in fact, called with some pretty great news.

“Cassie, you are going to owe me the best blow in the world for this one, baby. I have tickets to the Christmas Eve Cleveland and Pittsburgh game and I wanted to see if you’ve ever been to Cleveland?”

“Why? Do you need directions?” I crammed a handful of popcorn in my mouth.

“Smart-ass. No, I don’t. Wanna go?”

I almost fell over. Then, I almost dropped the phone. I’m not lying to you. I was that damn excited. “Steve, are you asking me out on a date or do you want me to ride with you just to be sure you can make it to Cleveland?”

I tried not to let my enthusiasm pour through the phone. Touchdown Pittsburgh. “Minnesota sucks,” I said as I rejoined the conversation already in full swing on the other end of the phone.

“Look, kiddo, Mandy’s going too. She really likes you and would love to get to know you better. So how about it? Wanna take a ride up to Cleveland with us?”

Mandy. The very mention of the woman’s name just sent shivers down my spine. Mandy was everything I wasn’t. She had long black hair and a shapely body that sent most men into orbit every time she swayed into the room—and could Mandy ever sway with those curvaceous hips. I, on the other hand, never possessed what someone would call curves, and outside of the great tits I carried around, my body defined ordinary and owned the term skinny.

“So, will I be chauffeuring you and the lovely Mandy to the gate because I know you didn’t land three tickets?”

Steve laughed. “Honey, as much as you love football, if I only had one ticket, you’d be the one to sit in the stands.”

I waited for a more direct response. Actually, I dreaded the whole truth. I felt confident it existed along with some underlying motive.

“I have two tickets, so you and Mandy are going to the game.”

“When hell freezes over.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I actually meant it.

“Aren’t you the least bit excited?” Steve pressed on. I wasn’t surprised. He always pressed on—in bed, in life, in phone sex. Persistent as hell—he served his gender well.

He also loved to rub Mandy in my face—not in the literal sense, of course. Thank heavens. After all, I’d always suspected he wanted a threesome, with me included in the trio. In fact, the dreaded day when he might bring it up seemed to loom with the sudden invitation.

I sighed. “I’m about as excited as I would be to land in bed with both you and Mandy.”

Without missing a beat, Steve perked right up. “Now there’s a great idea!”

I moaned and my stomach churned when I caught a five-second visual. I cursed my mind’s eye and caught the end of our good-byes.

“Call me tomorrow.” One thing about it, Steve knew how to leave a girl with a smile.

I finished the last drop of hot cocoa and decided to make a hot toddy to finish out the game. Pittsburgh won 18-3 and I won five hundred dollars just like I usually did when I bet on Pittsburgh. The following week would be time for a big payday and, with any luck, I’d run into one of those sexy boys from the keystone state.

I began to imagine what he’d look like and had quite the fantasy going on too. He’d fall madly in love with me when he’d spot me. He’d be ready to miss the kickoff just to stay locked in my gaze. We’d just click. Kind of like Steve and I clicked, only without the Mandy.

* * * *

Six o’clock in the morning came too early on Christmas Eve. I heard the doorbell ring then I heard the key in the lock and knew my morning caller was Steve. Once the snap of the latch sounded, any doubts were put to rest. After all, he held the only extra key to my cottage and he classified as the only person I knew dumb enough to visit me before noon.

I groaned and rolled over while pulling the sheets tight over my head. The bedroom door remained securely closed but I knew Steve would be straight through the door and into bed within minutes. I slid out of my nightshirt and panties knowing inevitable sex loomed. I anticipated it, even craved it.

“Why couldn’t you let me sleep until eight? Cleveland is only four hours away,” I grumbled from under the covers but disappointment never consumed me. I could feel him watching me, almost mockingly, as I tried to pretend I wasn’t waiting for him.

He slid in beside me. “Hey baby.”

As soon as the words slipped from his lips, eager hands went straight to work. Met with a hard cock against my thigh, his breath tasted sweet as he swarmed down on me with fresh morning kisses. First, around my neck and then lower to the swell of my breast. Finally, he found the place where I liked to feel him best.

I couldn’t contain myself as his tongue did things to me no woman deserves. His adoration provided just the right amount of spice I needed to start off my day. It even allowed for enough inspiration—perhaps I could tolerate Mandy for the day. It’s amazing what one-upping a woman can do for a gal’s ego.

After more of the same breathless sex, we lay in each other’s arms talking about the game and my favorite subject, Mandy.

Steve talked about how excited the young woman seemed just because she would be able to get to know me. I had to hand it to the girl. She evidently knew how to work her man—and the competition.

He continued to blow up Mandy into this incredible all-around woman and explained how much she wanted to find out all she could about football from a “chick’s point of view” and I’m sure he believed every word of it. I didn’t tell Steve but the chick-thing was enough to curl my toes. In any event, he wanted me to feel comfortable around Mandy because he felt fairly confident about their future. She was the one—again.

“Here’s the thing,” I told him. “I am quite sure she’s not the one because if she is then I think she’s more than capable of giving it up for morning love, too.” I couldn’t resist giving him a tongue-in-cheek just to drive the point home.

Steve, a great looking guy with blond hair and blue eyes, knew he provided just the right amount of eye-candy for the ladies. He looked liked the surfer type but he didn’t have a lick of common sense. He thought every girl who ever cooked him dinner and took him home to meet their mom deserved to wear the title of ‘the one’.

Unfortunately, Steve had hang-ups and once the girlfriend discovered I weighed in as one of them, she moved on to bigger and better things. Though I doubt she found either of those in the bedroom after leaving Steve’s bed. In fact, I’d be willing to place a wager on it.

In high school, Steve and I were inseparable and everyone used to call us the golden couple because we looked so much alike. We both flashed great tans and possessed blond locks with big baby blues. I guess we were rather cute. We did everything together and most people read in between the lines when they saw us side by side—apparently, we left very little to the imagination. Yes, we were fuck-buddies from a young age forward.

“Oh, I got you a present.” Steve started rumbling through his coat pocket as he said it. After a few moments of fumbling through what must have been very deep pockets, he appeared with an oblong box. Another small box attached on top with thin little green and red ribbons held the neat little package together. The whole concept revealed his sweeter side until I made the mistake of sitting straight up in bed exposing my upper half and he made the crucial error of noting it.

“Whew.” Steve almost foamed at the mouth. “I will never be able to get enough of those tits.”

Moment ruined.

I opened the rectangular box first and found the tickets to the Cleveland and Pittsburgh game. There were three tickets instead of two and suddenly I felt more at ease about the day ahead. Steve maintained a dumb blonde look on his face like he didn’t understand why my enthusiasm for the day went up a notch or two. “You mean you haven’t been looking forward to the game until just now?”

I didn’t want to wreck the hour so I just shrugged and gave him a your-my-pal hug. The truth hammered itself into my chest. I could’ve just as easily grabbed his dick. I was that damn excited. I didn’t have to deal with Mandy solo.

Praise to the ticket master gods or whoever had my back. The day looked brighter already.

The next box took me by surprise. When I opened it, I really expected to find a condom with a little note attached with something crude like, “You wanna go again?” or “Let’s bang” but instead, I stared down at a beautiful antique locket on a gorgeous golden box chain.

“Now don’t go making a big deal out of it,” Steve began. “It was mom’s favorite and she wanted you to have it someday since I was an only child and all.”

Steve’s mom passed away five days before Christmas the previous year. I had known her all of my life because she worked at the local library where I spent a great deal of time. From the second grade forward, I’d gone there daily after school just so I wouldn’t have to go home to a drunken household.

Inscribed on the back of the locket was “My daughter, my friend”. Steve explained that his grandmother had given it to his mother and the closest thing his mom ever had to a daughter was me. I cried—actually wept uncontrollably seems like a better way to define undeniable sobs.

For the first time in all of the years I’d been bed partners with Steve, we made love. Tender and sweet, the bed didn’t just rock—my world, as I knew it, moved to a whole new dimension.

The truth is, my soul crumbled that day and when it did, the ever-present reminder of how much I cared for Steve seemed to taunt me. I never knew passionate affection could top uninhibited and hard core, but it sure brought a different kind of unexplainable pleasure. It also sent a thrilling chill straight up my spine with a new kind of recognition.

Yes, it scared the hell out of me.

Just Released a few hours ago!

Larger Cover Image

Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



Sports Wives 1

ISBN: 1-60601-027-1

E-book $4.50


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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