COMPETITION: Announcement – Young Adult Fiction Novel

Message from Linda Ambrosia:

Husband and I have been racking our noggins to figure out a contest to promote our Young Adult Science Fiction novel “Gulliver’s Children.” We’ve come up with one idea, so we’re going to announce it here first.

The only requirement will be that people read the book, which they can obtain from this site:

You’ll see the buy link there at the top of the publisher’s main page, where it’ll probably remain for another month. After that you’ll have to check their book store listing.

Now here’s where my college training comes in: After you’ve read the novel, write an essay about it.

The top ten we consider best will win a FREE new novelette in PDF which I will conjur up before the end of the year. The last day for submission will be December 31 2008–last day of the year.

I don’t want to sound pretentious, because this isn’t a “high brow” book by any means. But the fact is me and Husband do have the habit of putting our views into what we write. We don’t hit people over the head with them, but we do finds ways to convey what we’re getting at in an entertaining fashion. If you can figure out what our fiend is little minds were trying to convey in “Gulliver’s Children,” give this contest a try. If you’re going to college, it would make the perfect practice for book reports–you can even submit it to your professor!

There you have it–give it a shot and we’ll be ready for your essays! Check out the link below to find out more about our book.

Linda Ambrosia


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