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Closer than Blood Blog Tour with Paul Grzegor #crime #suspense #review #tour

Closer than Blood Blog Tour with Paul Grzegor #crime #suspense #review #tour

Closer Than Blood: An addictive and gripping crime thriller by Paul Grzegorzek 


My Review: 

Closer Than Blood by Paul Grzegorzek was a brilliant read for me. Lots of action, and all the thrills and spills you’d except from a psychological, crime thriller. I found the whole premise – dying dad on his deathbed wants nothing more than to get his family back together and happy before his death – really intriguing. Especially when the lead character, Gareth Bell, is closing in a drug deal, only to discover his brother Jake is part of it and supposed to be dead!

What to do — arrest his brother, or protect him? If only it was as simple as that. As well as being a great crime story, the characters are really believable, flawed, and stupid mistakes under pressure. You know that feeling that life throws at you sometimes, where you don’t think things can get any worse – and it does?

As stories go, the characterisation, police procedural details and the deeper heartfelt message I gleamed form this book, made this an entertaining, high tension read! (Even though I knew this was not the first book in the series, I never even noticed that as I read).

Thank you NetGalley, the publisher and Sarah from BOTBS for my copy. This is my unbiased, honest review.

Closer Than Blood: An addictive and gripping crime thriller by by Paul Grzegorzek  #crime #thriller #chiller #PaulGrzegorzek #waitingonwednesday #wednesday

About the book |

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Closer than Blood Blog Tour with Paul Grzegor #crime #suspense #review #tour

Closer Than Blood: An addictive and gripping crime thriller by by Paul Grzegorzek 


You would do anything for your family. Wouldn’t you?

A gripping crime thriller, perfect for fans of Peter James.

‘Writes with raw, engaging, authenticity’ Peter James

The real nightmare begins when the missing person returns…

PC Gareth Bell is about to arrest a cocaine dealer on Brighton Marina, when he makes a shocking discovery that turns his world upside down: the dealer is his long-lost brother, Jake, someone he thought had died years ago.

But their reunion is short lived. For Jake is on the run from a cold-blooded killer, whose network reaches all the way into the police force itself. Now that his brother’s life is on the line, Bell has only two choices. Family, or duty?


Author Bio |

Closer than Blood Blog Tour with Paul Grzegor #crime #suspense #review #tourPaul Grzegorzek was born in 1976 and despite the name is Sussex born and (mostly) bred.

Paul writes dark, gritty crime novels inspired by his time as a police officer in his home town of Brighton, giving them a realistic feel that can only come from years of experience pounding the streets.  During his police career, he worked in a number of specialist units, including as a riot medic, method of entry specialist and intelligence officer, where he met and worked with many of the people who became characters in his books.

He has also worked in the private security and defence industries, as well as consulting for various agencies, giving him a unique insight into crime at both street and higher levels.

Born in Shoreham-By-Sea, within spitting distance of Brighton, Paul now lives in Hove with his wife and two sons.

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  1. Ooo I like the sound of this. Wouldn’t mind checking out the series, might pick up some books by this author for my mother for Christmas as I’ve not come across him before. Thanks for the tip – great review as always!
    Caz xx

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