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Then She Was Gone
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Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Then She Was Gone by the Sunday Times Bestseller Lisa Jewell, was a super-fast read for me. Several years after her daughter Ellie has gone missing , Laurel meets new man Floyd, who is absolutely smitten with her. When he takes her home to meet his kid Poppy, Laurel is surprised as how much she reminds her of her missing daughter when she was the same age. Coincidence? Or something much more untoward?

I think you can tell where this one is heading…

Admittedly, I guessed pretty early on, what was going to happen and how Noelle was involved in the whole situation. Yes, I’m being cryptic here, trying hard not to reveal spoilers for anyone who has not read this yet. But, even the blurb is an unsubtle clue. What blew me away was what was really going on with Laurel’s new boyfriend, Floyd in the final scenes. The way Lisa Jewell connected everything together and revealed the truth made this a very exciting read.

Was Floyd really as bad as Jake’s girlfriend, Blue had thought? Could he really be blamed for his actions bearing in mind his upbringing and how he came to be with Poppy? Would there ever have been a right time to reveal all? It’s bit like those situations when you mean to call someone up, but forget, and keep forgetting until much later. Only by then, so much time has passed it feels too late to ring at all. But in Floyd’s case, and in this analogy, he doesn’t even own a phone…

I thought the plot was a little bit far fetched, but despite this it worked. In fact, as we hear what really happened to Ellie, I found myself thinking the theme had changed from psychological thriller to borderline horror. By the time I got to the end I was positive this was a four star read, and then the last page did it for me. I shed a tear! Yep, I thought it was sad and unless my hormones are playing up for some odd reason, that last page did it for me. In between howling and sniffing, I moved my 4 stars to a 4.5 star rating! Oh, Lisa Jewell, please promise me you’ll never go back to chicklit! I cannot wait to see what you come up with next in this genre. I await to be dazzled! (And I don’t have to wait long as Watching You is due out in July).

Clever, moving and addictive reading.

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