Caution : Choices Ahead

TGIF peeps! Here in the states it is a three day holiday for us and I for one are looking forward to it! 
As I go through my week I have several blogs, and writing commitments, so I am constantly looking for topics. This week I was sitting in traffic (go figure) and the word signs popped into my brain. So I began to explore this random thought. 
When you see the word signs, it can produce many different mental dialogs, from Mel Gibson, to faith, to sitting in traffic. Well wouldn’t it be a novel idea if we had signs in our lives? I mean literally, little signposts giving us insight as to where to go next? Turn right and you will end up in Splitsville, home of the heartache. Or go east and discover the enlightenment of Nirvana, move forward at a steady rate and you will reach home soon. STOP! You really don’t want to go there, trust me.
Unfortunately, we do not have little sign posts in our lives telling which direction to go, or if there is danger ahead. As conscious, thinking, being in a world of cause an effect, nothing is ever set in stone. The only constant is change. The scenery is always changing, and our decisions are the signs propelling us forward. If I were to create a sign for our lives, it would be, ‘Caution: Choice Ahead’. 
From what you decided to wear this morning, to whether or not you take the job, every little piece affects you and everyone else in the world, the butterfly effect. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Everything we go through has a purpose. 
Last week we talked about cause and effect in writing. Everything happens for a reason. For example, in my series, Trust Me, both the hero and heroine enjoy a good cup of coffee with lots of cream. So, okay, great so what? In the second book, both characters have been put through the ringer. They return home one evening and my Heroine comments that they are out of cream. The next morning the hero awakens to find his love is already up and about, when she should be exhausted and still asleep. He suspects that she never went to bed, but he has no evidence to prove it. That is until he goes to get some coffee. There is a bottle of cream waiting for him. This prompts him to check the garbage, where he finds a receipt from 3 AM that morning. The discovery confirms that there is a problem she is keeping from him. 
Everything happens for a reason, especially in writing. The hero has a dog, there needs to be a reason, if the hero is single, and has a two bedroom house it is because he is the guardian of his little sister who is at college, or perhaps because it is his unconscious way of reminding himself that deep down he wants a family. 
Moral of the story? In life, we do not just randomly do something. There is a reason we are headed in a certain direction. The meaning behind action is sometimes more important than the action itself. They say actions speak louder than words? Definitely, especially in a novel full of words. 
So now you are thinking how the hell did we go from traffic signs to cause and effect scenarios? Well here is the math – 
Signs = Choices = Cause and Effect
Got it?
On to the Next! Happy Writing!


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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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