A tense, fulfilling read and I raced through it! The Wife’s Shadow by #author Cath Weeks #Review

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The Wife’s Shadow by Cath Weeks is one of those reads where a perfect life (or should that be wife?), plunders into chaos and snowballs out of control within a short matter of time. It’s a tense, fulfilling read and I raced through it!
Suzy is being harassed and there is apparently nothing she can do about it. She doesn’t know who it is, or why they are doing it. So, how the hell can anyone stop him then? The police are clueless, and her husband has only so much patience before he starts to lose sympathy. Is someone really out to get her, or is it just down to a vivid imagination and the stress of losing her mother very recently?  In her husband’s eyes its a case of ‘come on luv, pull your socks up!’
And yes, I do have quite a lot to say about darling husband and stay-at-home dad, Mike. At first he’s very understanding, and quite rightly so, but there is only so much he can take when his paranoid wife keeps going on and insisting someone is watching her. What he does, during her worst moments, had me practically screaming at the book in anger! (In a good way!) Honestly, I became so involved in this story I felt worn out by the end of it, which I loved.
This is a well-written, tense read, and one I found myself trying to guess who the culprit was all the way through. The final revelation was just as much as a shock to me as it was to Suzy! I did not see THAT coming, and I’m one of those people who always thinks I know who’s done it. lol  (Yeah, one of THOSE readers!)  But it’s the final act that Suzy puts into action, which really rounds this story off well. Thankfully, I could breathe again when I closed the last page.
Imagine a small dream snowballing into an even bigger nightmare! That’s what Cath Weeks made happen to Suzy Taylor. Big time!
Thanks to Netgalley for my copy of The Wife’s Shadow.
The wife's Shadow Review Alternative-Read.com
The wife’s Shadow Review Alternative-Read.com

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The Wife's Shadow by Cath Weeks

Every woman has a secret…

From one of Elle magazine’s ‘authors to watch’ comes a suspenseful and emotionally fraught novel about how little we really know the person we marry. For fans of The Affair and Dr Foster.

Everyone admires Suzy and her doll’s house life. She has a gorgeous family, a beautiful home and a successful business. But Suzy hasn’t always been in control. In her past lies a shadowy tale of fear and instability – a life that she once ran away from, and has hidden from ever since.

When Suzy starts being followed, she fears that her past many finally be catching up on her. And when she finds herself unable to do what to her is the most important thing – keep her loved ones safe – she has to decide how far she’d be willing to go to win everything back.

Even if it means sacrificing everything she knows and loves…

What readers are saying about The Wife’s Shadow:

‘I couldn’t put it down’ *****

‘Gripping from beginning to end’ *****

‘Beautifully written…darkly twisted…loved every minute’ *****

‘What an addictive read!’ *****

‘A gripping page turner’ *****

Author Bio | Alternative-Read.com

Cath Weeks was born and raised in Somerset. Her debut novel, Blind, was published in 2017 and she was named as an Author to Watch by Elle magazine. Cath lives in Bath with her husband and two sons.

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