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Interested in Writing for us?

What kind of publisher is Sinful Moments Press?

Sinful Moments Press is a royalty-paying publisher of fiction works by authors, new or previously published. We are a print and an ebook publisher offering our readers the very best titles via direct download or overnight shipping from our website store. We do not currently offer advances, but pay quarterly royalties on retail sales and wholesale orders. We also provide the author with complete editorial services, exclusive cover art, an author website sub domain, no fee will ever be charged to the author.

Our titles will be distributed through Baker & Taylor and made available to all traditional brick and mortar stores.

Why Erotic Romance?

It’s about the emotion behind the reasons why the characters want, and have, hot sex. But sweeter forms of romance are also wanted.


We do accept simultaneous submissions.
What follows is our guide to the preparation of a full manuscript.
This guide is intended for authors wishing to submit to Sinful Moments Press. Checking a publisher’s particular house style before submission and adjusting the manuscript accordingly will greatly increase an author’s chance. Our house style is strictly our preference and not universal.

All submissions to Sinful Moments Press must be submitted using the Word or RTF (rich text format) electronic format. Partial or manuscripts in other electronic formats or on hard copy will not be considered. The following email address has been specifically set up for this purpose:

Authors are requested to provide the following:

Your submission (email) should provide the following:

1- your introduction within the email;

2- a short synopsis attached as a Word doc or RTF;

3- your first three chapters attached as a Word doc or RTF

4- a marketing plan. Let us know how you will help us in promoting your book locally and nationally. Will you do book signings in your area? Will you promote your book through ads (even through free venues) within the literary or your local community? How will you spread the word that you were published? We are looking for authors who will participate in the promotion of their own titles.

Below is a condensed version of our house style:

1. The title page should include authors name, pen name, title of story, genre and subgenre, word count, and contact information (i.e.-address, phone number, e-mail address)
Note: Failure to include a title page with the above information will result in an automatic rejection.

2. If desired, add a page for each of these (in this order) before the actual story:

a) Short biography;
b) Dedication;
c) Acknowledgements;
d) Table of Contents
e) Foreword by someone other than the author;
f) Preface by the author;
g) List of illustrations/tables/maps/etc.;

Note: If each chapter is titled, then please include these in Contents;

3. No page numbers or headers/footers.

4. All text (including title and sub titles) should be in 10pt. Times New Roman.

Exception: For special effect, in which case it should be clearly noted in brackets.

5, All headings should be unjustified (toward the left margin).

6. The first word of the opening paragraph of a chapter or chapter section must be against the left margin.

7. The first word of following paragraphs must be consistently indented. Remain consistent throughout the manuscript.

8. Lines should be spaced at 1.5.

9. There must be no line breaks (i.e. no blank line or return between paragraphs) between regular paragraphs.

10. Between sections there should be two line breaks (i.e. two blank lines or two returns) between the end of one section and start of the next.

11. Between the chapter heading and the first line of the chapter, there should be two line breaks (two blank lines or two returns) between the chapter heading and the first line of the chapter.

12. All punctuation must be consistently followed by only ONE space.

13. Confirm the end of your manuscript with the words:

Be as flawless as possible with grammar and spelling. Editors do not expect perfection, but genuine effort. Automatic spelling and grammar checks can be used, but only as a guide. This facility must be properly proofed by eye BEFORE SUBMISSION.

A manuscript sample is presently being developed. It will show, at a glance, how a manuscript should be presented. It will also include in-depth information that will be a necessity to the new writer. Please check here often to later download that precious sample.

Professional presentation clears the first hurdle. Assessment readers are required to save valuable time by rejecting manuscripts which are obviously not laid out properly.

Thank you for your interest,

Carole Spencer
Publisher, Sinful Moments Press

Louise Bohmer, Editor-in-Chief for queries

Sinful Moments is also looking for Appeteasers

Short erotic romance stories between 5000 – 10,000 words.

Put your fantasies in print — share a Sinful Moments Appeteaser.

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