#BookNews: #Author A.E. Snelling-Munro { BOBBYJAC } is donating 80% of his profits to #CancerResearch

BobbyJac Instagram - by author A.E. Snelling-Munro

A.E. Snelling-Munro author of BOBBYJAC is kindly donating 80% of his profits from these two books to CANCER RESEARCH.

Please check them out below, thank you!

BobbyJac Instagram - by author A.E. Snelling-Munro


BobbyJac by A.E. Snelling-Munro


After a life of crime in the East End of London, Tommy Sands and Lenny Burns leave prison to enjoy the proceeds. Having purchased an isolated house on a large estate, they leave their past behind.
After five years, with their money running out fast, a change of direction was vital. Lenny had taken to drink and they were each getting on the other`s nerves.
Tommy decided that one last big job was essential to fund their gracious lifestyle. He adds a few more ingredients to his plan – women.
Surprisingly, sometimes this kind of recipe can work.
Can it?

Book Details:

A good read a crime thriller full of psychological suspense, with a strong female genre in relationships and European criminal activity. Very busy content, very descriptive and full of intrigue and not one to be that familiar as story lines go. With cooking recipe and erotic verse that offers escapism as if at times makes one feeling part of the story, it is quirky and comical at times with a serious side of mayhem, murder and emotional journeys that’s fast-paced and mysterious with twists and secrets that is themed throughout the book. http://amzn.to/2eLyW5h

Very much an action novel that provides so much potential in film imagination from London criminals, Gypsies, European criminals and Mafia concepts for entertainment purposes.

Hard to believe that it was written in 1987 and so thirty years later remains today a fetching modern story recently published (August 2017) on Amazon by www.mtp.agency.co.uk

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BobbyJac The Final Chapter by A.E.Snelling-Munro Cover

BobbyJac : The Final Chapter by A.E. Snelling-Munro

Blurb :

PC Bob Beyon had returned to duty having been absence for a month whilst on a residential course only to find all mayhem had been happening. He soon tapped into the personalities of Tommy Sands & Lenny Burns being East End London Villains.
At the same time with the local Gypsies camped on his patch brought shocking violence and murder to the extreme and on face value appeared to be orchestrated by Foreign Criminals seeking and what appeared to be murderous revenge – But Why?
Furthermore, PC Benyon had returned to an empty house, due to his ongoing marital problems, his wife had returned to her family in his absence. This culminated in PC Benyon by a coincidence meeting another woman in the village and that sparked an erotic and very sexual liaison that continued for many weeks until the woman without warning disappeared at about the same time his wife reappeared in the marital home.

The BUY NOW link on Amazon UK

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https://www.mtp.agency  // http://www.ellisday.com // http://www.findthem-findme.com // http://www.forcesonline.org.uk // FACEBOOK 

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