#BookChat: Top 5 Reasons Book Bloggers Panic as the Year End Looms #EndOfYear Panic #BookBloggers


Top 5 Reasons Book Bloggers Panic as the Year End Looms

Or is it just me? Obviously, I can’t speak for everyone, but as my TBR piles precariously wobble and threaten to flatten me every time I go near them, I have to say I’m almost as stressed as the time I read Give Me The Child. Here’s why…

1. – There isn’t enough time to finish all the books on my TBR piles!

Yep, I have to fess up. I’ve less than a week to get through… oh, THAT many? Just a minute. I need a sit down. Anyone got any Christmas booze left? I know, it’s only ten in the morning, but these are desperate times…

2. – Everyone is doing their End of Year Lists When It’s NOT even the end of the year!

I know. I know. But I think it’s the OCD in me leaping out and screaming, “How can I write about all the books I’ve read during the course of the year when the year is not over yet?” I mean, I can post what I’ve read so far, but that’s not an end of year wrap up, is it? No. That’s an almost over end of year wrap up. And that makes me feel slightly uncomfortable when I know I’ll have more books to add before the end of the year, so in actual effect that makes me a liar, which is totally annoying and lunacy and right up there with Brexit, Teresa May and Donald Trump shenanigans. Hey, maybe I should do an ‘Almost End of Year Wrap Up’? Runs away to scribble that down in my list of ‘To do’s’ and returns feeling slightly happier.

This is stressful. Like having to drink the last of the champers on Christmas Day, before the Mother-In-Law claps eyes on it drinks her way through all of it five mins after walking through the door with what she calls a ‘proper Christmas dinner’ tucked under her arms, saying can you ‘take yours out and cook mine, which is much better?’

FACT: Both of which have happened. Just not this year.

3. – I Have to Go Through All My Challenges and Update Them!

Why, oh why, did I not update them as I went along? That would be the simplest solution wouldn’t it? Now I’ve got to cram in a year of updates in just a few days. Wait a minute whilst I go and bang my head against my desk…

I’m baaaaaack! I’ve now also added ‘Update my challenges once a week’ to my book blogging goals and given myself a severe talking to in the process.

4. – The New Year Book Wishlists Are Coming Up And We’re Not Over With This Year Yet!

Again this totally makes me feel uncomfortable. I find it totally frustrating. How can I list next years books I must have / need / drool for, when this year is not yet over? As Spock from Star Trek often says, “It’s not logical”. Shouldn’t the ‘End of Year Wrap Up’ happen at the end of the year (for me that’s 31st December last time I looked) and the ‘New Year Book Wishlists’ appear in January when we’re all fresh as daisies (why are daisies fresh?). New Year book wish lists in January make more sense to me, as we’re in a ‘New Year – New Start’ frame of mind; happy, eager beavers excited to look forward to a new year of book-reading productivity and exciting new titles we don’t even know exist yet.

It’s my own personal kind of hell.

Oh, what have I done?

Which, I’m afraid leads me to my final and most annoying reason to panic at the end of the year…

5. – Us Book Bloggers (I know that’s not proper English, but it’s how I speak) Are Forced To Pick Our One Favourite Book Of The Year!

This is utter (total and brutal) torture for book bloggers, who have so many good reads we can’t possibly pick just one, even with a gun pointed against our heads. Okay, well, thinking about it, that might just work. But it’s not really fun is it? No. Not at all. It’s hard, frightening and downright unfair. If you want to make a book blogger cry, just ask them to pick one single title as their favourite book of all year and watch them crumble.

But why is this so horrifying for book bloggers? I hear you ask in frustration.

Oh, I am glad you asked. So, I’ll indulge you. Just this once. In tomorrow’s post. Haha! Sorry, but I started it early thinking I’ll give you a top five list of reasons why being forced to pick our one favourite book of all year, and I’m still going strong. You need a breather. A rest. Take time to prepare yourself for tomorrow’s onslaught. I know I do.

(Secretly I’m rushing off to get some more reading in, before the New Year still manages to jump on me from behind and take me by surprise. And not in a good way).

Until tomorrow, friends.

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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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6 thoughts on “#BookChat: Top 5 Reasons Book Bloggers Panic as the Year End Looms #EndOfYear Panic #BookBloggers

  1. I know, I feel your pain! Daisy and I have tried to eliminate part of the problem by narrowing the books down to what we read that was published in 2017, so for us, it helped a bit, especially (for me anyway) a great portion I read in 2017 was published before that, so the books I had to pick from to put on my favorite list was a lot easier. Now if one had predominately read books that were new and mostly published in 2017, that would be much, much more difficult. But I still feel your distress and sympathize with you, as there still seems to be a million goals of mine unmet that I had wanted to accomplish by now. Oh well, there is always 2018 to begin anew! X D Happy New Year Sassy!

  2. Christy B – Christy B is a blogger, poet, and feminist. As the owner of When Women Inspire, she supports female initiatives to positively impact and change the world.
    Christy B says:

    Picking a favourite book of the year would be difficult!

  3. Ha! I LOVE this post! I certainly feel all of these stressors! The one “end of the year” list that I did early was “My 10 Favorite Books That Were Published in 2017” because I knew I wasn’t going to read any other books that were published this year. But my gosh! There were SO many lists out in the beginning of December! Like, how?! We still had a whole month!

    I also wish I had tracked some stats as I went… going through every thing all at once was pretty overwhelming!

    1. I’m definitely going to keep better track this year… she says lol

  4. This is a cute post! I haven’t blogged about books yet, mostly because I read so much and it’s hard to figure out what to write about, and for the same reasons you listed here like picking your favorite book and wishlist.

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