BOOK REVIEW: Star of the Morning Nine Kingdoms, Lynn Kurland | Berkley | Reviewed by Blodeuedd

Star of the Morning
Nine Kingdoms, Book 1
Author: Lynn Kurland
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Format: print
Length: 338 pages
Reviewer: Blodeuedd 

Neroche’s kingdom is threatened by the darkness of an evil Black Mage- and all hope lies in the legend of two magical swords. Miach, the archmage of Neroche, carries one. And he’s found a Wielder for the other in Morgan, a young woman and feared mercenary herself. Now, Miach must choose between endangering the woman who has captured his heart, and defending the kingdom he’s sworn to protect. (Goodreads)
Star of the Morning is the first book in a romantic fantasy trilogy. It centers on Miach and Morgan. Miach is the archmage of Neroche and brother to the king. He spends most of the time doing magic and seeing to that the border is protected, as dark powers from the north wants in. Morgan on the other hand is a shieldmaiden who was raised by mercenaries and then left at an orphanage. She can use a sword better than any man and she hates magic. It actually takes some time before these two meet. His brother, the king is the person who meets her first when he sets out to find a person to use a magical sword to save the country. And that is the plot. The king has lost his magic and bad things are coming.

Morgan is sure not a damsel in distress. She is far from it and can take care of herself. She also speaks her mind and one cannot help to like her. I think most of it comes from how she treats Adhemar. She thinks he is only some bumbling oaf as he has not told her or her friends the truth and I can’t help myself giggling as he makes an ass of himself and she thinks he is an idiot. Miach on the other hand gets a bit better treated when he comes along as he stays better in his role as a peasant who only knows magic well enough to hide cabbages from the pigs. His excuses are just simply the best. I also like his quiet personality as he is not a flashy person. He being the shyer quiet one and she the tough showy woman, I can just say that they make quite the pair.

I did say that this is a romance fantasy but to be fair there is no romance in it. What does it make it then? Light fantasy? Sure Miach falls for her and she surely slowly for him but then never do anything about it. But then this is a series and there will be more to come. Because I think that was the most evil thing about the book. Suddenly it ends and I was thinking I would get a conclusion of events; instead I am left wanting more. Will they become a couple? Will the kingdom be saved? Will Adhemar stop being an ass? You will not get answers and instead you will want book two.
It was a nice book. I kept reading and reading to know if Miach would tell her the truth and if she would kick his ass for lying. When I put down the book I did want the next one.


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