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Just what did Prince Alvin do that was so bad as to deserve being turned into a frog? Looking back, seducing the twin daughters of a fairy godmother was not a good idea. He was cursed until he could find the woman who would love him enough to break the spell. Jasmine has a soft spot in her heart for all animals, no matter how many warts. She knew she had to take him home until he was healed, and just like the fairytale, she woke to find an irresistible prince in her bed after giving the frog a kiss. Prince Alvin was more than willing to give Jasmine a happily ever after, but an evil stepmother has different ideas. Will love be enough to conquer all or will this be just the beginning of their adventures?


Having his life flash before his eyes was not something Prince Alvin wanted to go through again. Not anytime soon, anyway. That cat had scared him bad enough that he didn’t want to ever have a cat again. Not even if his kingdom had a terrible rat problem. The cat had terrified him, but finding himself wrapped up in the loving arms of Jasmine more than made up for it.
It was like a dream come true. After three years of waiting in the swamplands with no human interaction, a beautiful maiden stumbled upon him. Now if only she would fall in love with him and kiss him, breaking the curse.

Enough women had fallen in love with him over the years. He had no doubt as to his charm as a human, but as a frog? He couldn’t use his good looks, his charm, or his sex appeal. The idea that he could fail scared him.

Perhaps this was hopeless after all…

Preferring to keep him near to her, she had stuffed him in her apron pocket, which Prince Alvin did not mind at all. He rather liked feeling the warmth of her body touch his. It reminded him that he was still alive, even if he couldn’t take advantage of being so close to Jasmine’s body. She was incredibly sexy, and he didn’t have the ability to show her. She wasn’t of royal blood, and her family obviously had no wealth, for her clothes were frayed, and instead of expensive fragrances, she carried the scent of fresh-baked bread or some other homey perfume. Today she had spent the morning cooking, and she smelled of gingerbread.

It made him homesick for the meals that his chef used to prepare in his home, extravagant dinners that he never even thought to say thank you for. Now he was lucky to get flies from the swamp. Jasmine always snuck him some food, and he ate it. He preferred the simple meals to flies any day. It made him feel more human like again. He began to love her for the little things she would do for him.

Jasmine was the most compassionate and loving woman he had ever met, and her patience was unending. She never complained when he jumped in his soup bowl. She just laughed and after he was done, scooped him out and dried him off. She took him everywhere with her and talked to him as if he were human. As if he were her friend. And he felt a deep affection for her already, if not love. He really didn’t know if what he felt for her was love, but he had never felt love before. So he had nothing to compare his growing feelings to.

He did know one thing. If he were human, he would be showing her with his body what he felt. Her luscious curves teased him at night as she slept next to him in her bed, mocking his new form that could not take advantage of every delicious inch of her creamy white flesh. Sleeping in her bed and seeing her naked body was the cruelest joke the witch could ever have played on him, and by far, this was the worst part of the curse he had endured. Being this close to realizing his freedom and not knowing how he could have the woman of his dreams fall in love with him. He desperately wanted Jasmine, and she was blissfully ignorant of his existence as anything more than a frog.

Again, the questions entered his mind unbidden. How could a frog make a woman fall in love with him?

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