BOOK EXCERPTS: Hot Military Stories….Anchors Away Series by Shara Azod (I/R Erotic) PG-13 Excerpts

Genre I/R Erotic Romance

Chain of Command Blurb:

Her enlistment up,
Adanna Ingles is about to start her life anew. Not only is she leaving the ship that has been her home for the last four years, she’s leaving California. There isn’t a thing she was going to miss about her life in the Navy. Well, except her Division Officer, Commander Ian Stewart. Ian was beyond hot, but Navy regulations being what they were, she had to be content with simply looking. From the first day he boarded, Ian had been watching Adanna . There was no way that he could touch, but oh, how he wanted to. After spending the last eighteen months being tempted, she was being discharged. Finally, he would be able to let her know how he really feel, how he has always felt.

When Adanna accepts a ride from her former boss, she had no idea that she was sealing her fate. It soon became obvious that he was offering her more than just a ride. Instead of trying to run, she throws caution to the wind and decides to , go along for the ride.

She never knew love could bloom from attraction long suppressed. But can she truly believe that this isn’t simply some wild fantasy for Ian? Can she trust the passion between them? Or is it just a passing flame?


“Um, I’m actually staying in
Chula Vista,” she offered before he went too far. He was headed in the opposite direction after all.
“Is that right?” came the soft reply.
His voice sound smooth, kind of low and sexy. She had never heard him use that tone before. It would have made a wise woman a little nervous; it kind of turned her on. Sitting back abruptly, she squeezed her legs together. Get a grip girl, she admonished herself silently. He’s probably just running an errand or something. But the minutes ticked by and he made no move to exit the freeway. He kept right on heading north.
“Um, Commander?” she started hesitantly, beginning to feel nervous. What if he was some kind of psycho?
“Ian,” he answered.
“My name is Ian,” he told her. “Say it.”
“Say what?”
“My name,” he sighed, looking over at her. “I am not ‘Commander.’ Not to you. Not anymore. I would like to hear you say my name.”
Gee, he certainly knew how to stroke a girl’s fire. She decided he
couldn’t possibly be a psycho, not with a voice that smooth and thick as honey. And those eyes! When he looked at her, she felt herself go all gooey inside. He could get a female to do just about anything he wanted; all he had to do was sweet talk a little and bat those green eyes of his.
“Uh, Ian?”
He smiled and once again concentrated on the road. “Yes?”
“Do you mind if I ask where we’re going?”
His grin got a little bigger. “I’m taking you home.”

Red Skies at Night Blurb:

Teane McGowan was damn good at her job. An engineman in the United States Navy, she worked hard in a male-dominated rate. Able to fix anything, she didn’t waste time complaining but neither did she back down. … Except from her desire for Chief Petty Officer Brett Olden her work center supervisor.

Working late in the Engine Shop while underway, Teane decides to throw caution to the wind and release some of her pent up tension. Little did she know the object of her desire was present and watching with rapt fascination.

Brett Olden could not believe his eyes. Teane was one of his best workers, which wouldn’t have been a problem if she wasn’t also one of the sexiest women he’d ever encountered. He’d always played by the rules and thus kept it professional even when his body and libido demanded otherwise. But that was before this moment. What was he supposed to do when confronted with visions of a naked Teane taking a dip in the shop’s oversized sink? It wasn’t the bathing in the sink that got him so much, everyone did that. It was what she was doing in that sink that had him floored. She was self-pleasuring and he was her muse. While he’d spent the last few months fantasizing about her; she was fantasizing about him. Who knew that they’d had the same fantasies?

Now that the secret was out, there was no way to put the genie back in the bottle. Once he heard her call out his name while peaking, there was no way Brett could walk away. It was a good thing that she didn’t want him to.Fraternization in the armed forces was a serious offense , The lovers had to tread carefully. Although Brett tried to protect Teane, he had to make a choice-his career, or the woman he loves.


“I am so screwed,”
Teane muttered to herself, rocking her head against the machine as if it could offer her some kind of solace.
“Not yet, and not here, but you will be, baby. I promise.”
Damn! She
didn’t even hear him come in. She jerked upright at the sound of Brett’s voice to witness him taking one of the injectors she had rebuilt and placing it in the testing machine, then turning it on, effectively locking the rest of the shop out. Even as she fought against the lump in her throat, she felt the moisture gathering in her panties. Damn, the man was seriously fine, and he was looking seriously wicked as he approached her.
“Go on and continue what you were doing,” he told her giving her a devilish grin. “I’ll just watch.”
Teane spun around to face the defective marine diesel injectors. She felt Chief move behind her, close enough so that she could feel his body heat, but not touching. The testing machine hummed away in a dull roar behind them. She could smell the distinct aroma of fuel as it began the testing process.
“You really should be wearing ear plugs, Petty Officer McGowan.”
The words were wondrously soft and deep, whispered closely in her ear, but he still
wasn’t touching her. Teane had to fight the urge not to lean back against the hard body she knew to be right behind her. God, she wanted to touch him so bad! She wanted to be touched by him even worse. She had to wipe her hands against her coveralls before attempted to grip an injector.
“Having problems Petty Officer McGowan?” Chief purred in her ear. “Here, let me help you.”

Genre: I/R Erotic Romance


Pippa hated military fighter pilots. Virtually all she knew were arrogant, know-it-all b’tards who thought that the sun rose and fell on them. And then there was Captain Seth Austin. Undoubtedly, one of the best pilots she was acquainted with, she could find no fault with the way that he treated the crew or his plane. But she could fault him for his infectious smile and those wicked hazel eyes as they were interfering with her hate of him. If only she didn’t lust after the man, her world would be just fine.

A man good at calculations, Seth couldn’t figure out Petty Officer Pippa Tanner. An easygoing guy, everyone liked him. And then there was Pippa – the one woman that he couldn’t stop thinking about. Everything about her drew him in and he’d draw her in if only she would give him half a chance to change her mind.

Tired of her constant barbs and casual dismissal, Seth decides to take matters into his own hands. Although Pippa finally surrenders to his passionate demands, she keeps a firm hold on her heart. How can Seth convince Pippa that there was nothing casual about their love?


“I am giving you one minute,” the captain’s voice was deeper than she had ever heard it. Kind of rough-like. Her nipples perked up to listen intently. Damned traitors. “Sixty fking seconds to tell me to turn around and walk away. Do that, and I will never bother you again.”
She waited for him to explain that little remark, but there was nothing forthcoming. She gaped. Was this dude serious?
“Captain Austin –”
“Seth,” he cut her off. “You have forty-five seconds.”
“Whatever. Where do you get off coming in here and demanding anything? If I wanted you I would tell you.”
Yeah, he knew it was a lie, too, ’cause his lips formed a tight grin. He still didn’t move. So fking sexy. She had to squeeze her thighs together. Anything to ease the serious throbbing down there. It hurt to breathe. It was going to happen. Right here on the ship. They could get so busted if they were caught. It was kind of exciting really. There was no way in hell she was telling him to leave. But she wasn’t about to just give in and show her belly either.
“Kind of sure of yourself, aren’t you?”
Once again, he didn’t answer. Instead he moved. A slow unwinding of his limbs and he was moving toward her. His shirt came up over his head as he walked forward. Damn that was one hell of a chest! Just the lightest trace of hair and then all planes of muscles looking hard and delicious. She was going to bite them. It was a moral imperative.


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