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Across the Lake- Capri Montgomery

When Sage moves in across the lake from Logan and starts managing the inn, she has no idea what danger awaits her. She’s running from her past, trying to find her future and dealing with the loss of her sister. She starts to move on with her life, until one day, one fateful phone call throws her back into the danger she once tried to escape.

The discovery of a priceless artifact, tucked away in her inn, leads her down a slippery path, and to the discovery that her twin sister might not be dead after all. Sage turns to Logan for help, only to find that he’s not exactly what he seems to be. Can she trust her heart? Or will the only people she trust turn out to be the people she needs to fear most?

Ecerpt from Across The Lake:

Logan knew this case was another make or break, but he hadn’t exactly understood it. This wasn’t mafia, it wasn’t political cover up, it was academic deception, and who gave a rat’s ass about that. Somebody had cared enough to make an attempt on this witness’s life. Somebody had cared enough to call Logan out of a rather pleasant set up, instead of getting one of the local Marshals on the job. Somebody had cared enough to take him away from his home for the duration of the trial. He might not have cared, but somebody had, and that was all he needed to know to remind himself to stay on his toes.

How Wicked Can She Go- J Morgan

Nikki is as wicked as they come. Yeah right! If wicked means perky as all get out and living off a trust fund, she is the wickedest witch you’ll ever meet. When her boss lays down the law, her world comes tumbling down. Now she must ‘sigh’ work for a living and become truly wicked like everyone expects her to be. Ruining a super geek’s chances for ever finding true love sounds easy until Gregory Hamilton shows up on her doorstep. He may be a geek, but one look tells her this is a man with super stud possibilities.

Turning on her inner wicked; Nikki does everything she can to prove true love ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. While lust at first sight, may not get the job done, it’s a helluva ride. One is more than willing to take Gregory on kicking and screaming, or is that moaning and writhing. Too bad the ride leads to her falling for the guy. Now she has to find a way to convince him all witches aren’t wicked, she’s his true love, and get her boss off her back.
A piece of cake, if she’s willing to see how wicked she can go.

Excerpt from How Wicked Can She Go:

The closest thing I had to any kind of hat was a pith helmet I’d worn during spring break one year back in the day. Don’t look at me like I’m crazy. It was quite fashionable in its day. I’m just not telling you which day it was. In any case it was the only thing I had unless I wanted to wear a brown paper bag on my head. And no I didn’t. A happy face and dropping prices was so not me.
After a little shuffling of hangers, I picked a slinky, not sleazy, little number from the closet to match my mood. It was a whole lot see-through and a lot less fabric than the price tag would have led you to believe it entailed. Okay, sleazy it was. I quickly shucked my clothes and shimmied into it, hoping Gregory was getting an eyeful. A pair of black stilettos begged me to slide into them but I left them on the floor of the closet. He couldn’t handle the way they made my butt pop when I walked. Reaching down I grabbed the cereal prize necklace which I was now sure acted as some kind of decoder for another prize I’d since thrown away and slipped it around my neck. The only thing left to complete my embarrassment was the helmet.

Forbidden- Dee Dawning

Mitheas, the king’s grandson falls in love with the lavender colored Falan princess, the vivacious Adalina. Unfortunately for them, they are inhabitants of the loveless planet Gala, a planet that has not only outlawed love, it has also banished marriage and even SEX!

The unlikely couple are lovers—lovers on a planet where the act of sexual intercourse has been against the law for four hundred cycles (six hundred earth years). Knowingly breaking the law they arrange surreptitious liaisons whenever they can. Will these two be able to change their future, and the future of the ones that come after them?

Excerpts from Forbidden:

He sensed her growing impatience. “Mitheas, are you going to answer me?”
Mitheas arched an eyebrow, “Maybe I don’t want to make love.”
Her smile changed from playful to curious. “Oh! What are we here for, to go swimming in the sea?”
“To make love, but maybe I’d rather do something else. Something better.”
She edged forward, close enough where her mound was teasing his wide eyes, near enough that he could sense a stimulating feminine bouquet being emitted from the treasure between her legs.

Something Blue- B.J. McCall

For designer Cassie Grace beautiful bridal gowns are her livelihood and her Something Blue lingerie adds just a touch of spice to the wedding night. Usually she’s not the one experiencing a night of passion, but the groom’s best man is the perfect fantasy man.

Jason Land is in town for one short weekend to celebrate his best friend’s wedding, but a sexy designer makes for an amazing, unforgettable night.
Falling in love was the last thing either of them expected.

Excerpt from Something Blue:

The moment Cassie had laid eyes on the best man she’d understood the breathy exchange she’d overheard between the bridesmaids. The Seattle architect was tall, lean, movie star handsome with broad shoulders, a Southern California tan and a smile that promised passion.
“What’s his room number?”

Whisper Moon- Missy Sue Hanson

Sidda and Baine find their way through human frailties and magical disaster to meet in the middle and embrace their fortune as Warriors of The Natural Realm. With their combined ascendancy they overcome the evil that threatens to plague humans, only to ascertain that the fight for peace has just begun. <p>A new war is raging close to home, with a new batch of demigods at the forefront. It is now their turn to travel towards their divine decree and to fight the whole way there, taking their place among the Guardians of the Natural Realm.

Excerpt from Whisper Moon:

Years of being alone and on the run had taught me never to trust my surroundings, especially surroundings that held silky voices in it’s midst. Whirling around, I put my fists up, determined to make it perfectly clear that I wouldn’t be going down without one monster of a fight.
In the late dusk, two animal eyes met mine. Eyes the color of trees, of forests and Irish moss. Eyes that mirrored my own. Exactly. That was my last thought before my vision tunneled, and I sank with the sun. And the whole way down, all I could see was green.

Songbird- Riane Lasair

Yinjiro Kada, Lord of the March, has been sent by his emperor to destroy Lord Agda, a madman who has terrorized the countryside. Infiltrating the fortress was easy, too easy, and before he knew it the madman has slipped out of the fortress and his army with him.

Tori has spent most of her life as concubine, whore to Agda and wants nothing more than to kill the perversion for every evil deed he has done to her and her family. Scarred for life thanks to him, she wants total justice, assassination, but to do that would surely mean her own death sentence when she learns that the lord of the march has been sent to bring Agda to justice.

Through intrigue and attempts on their very lives, the pair must work together to stop a madman before time runs out.

Excerpt from Songbird:

He shuddered at the feeling of her dress, its heavy embroidered material rasping against his skin. He smelled her unique fragrance wafting up through her dress, reaching his nostrils. Inhaling audibly he closed his eyes at the craving. He would not take her like a rutting beast, he swore silently. She deserved coaxing, petting and a gentle seduction.
“You will remain here, my little songbird.” His voice rumbled from deep in his chest, his hands moving to the sash that kept the cloth folded over her chest. He saw the rise and fall of her chest move a bit faster as he let the sash fall to the floor. The heavy fabric fell open to reveal more of her satin pale skin. With a gentle forefinger, he traced the emerging skin, sliding down further to part the fabric over her breasts which were unfettered by any binding. Her nipples tightened into hard pebbles of pearly flesh, the color of pure pink pearls under his gaze.

Taking it all In- Dalton

Do you remember those heady days in college when sex was everywhere? Do you yearn for the days before kids when you and your mate were still exploring the limits? Does the idea of hot, steamy creative sex make you reach for your favorite “toys?” Then loosen that robe, lay back and slip into Taking It All In. These nine stories will take you places you only fantasized about or maybe they’ll take you back to a time when your reality was the stuff of fantasy. But beware, if you find cuddly threesomes, peeking voyeurs, bi-curious men, bondage, bossy women, gay love, and anal sex to be a problem, then maybe your should just relax with a good copy of People. For you adventurous souls, come on in.

Excerpt from Taking It All In:

She looked down and more tears rolled down her cheeks. I leaned close and kissed her softly on the lips. Tasting her tears, I kissed her again. She pulled me close and sobbed into my neck for a long minute or two then pulled back and wiped her eyes. I stroked her damp cheek and kissed her again. This time, our kiss lengthened as I held her and her lips soon parted. Our tongues touched and an electric shock went though me. What was happening here?
I broke the kiss with a gasp and found myself staring into her beautiful eyes yet again. The longing there was so deep and desperate it was almost painful to see. “Make love to me Nick. I know we’re not in love but just once I’d like to feel what it’s like….”

Masterpiece- Roxanne Wells

Jenna Sparks is a sculptor who creates small busts and figurines. A special order for a full size sculpture of the Greek God Adonis is a challenge, but the offer of a ten thousand dollar fee convinces Jenna to try.

As she checks for flaws in the finished statue, plaster becomes warm flesh under her hands.

The mystery man who traveled through time leads them through a sexy adventure and into the realm of the Gods.

Excerpt from Masterpiece:

I stared Adonis in the face. There were no defects. I ran my hands over the face and hair. I felt for chips or cracks. I worked my way downward over each shoulder, down each bicep, and across each pectoral muscle. I had just realized that I had made my statue a bit more muscular than the original internet images. I skimmed downward over the abs, behind to the gluts, and over each hip. Still there were no flaws. I was sure to spend an extra amount of time on the fine detail of Adonis’ penis. I made sure to go bigger than the original. So many of those ancient statues had penis’s that didn’t look fully developed. I knew Mrs. Evans would appreciate this Adonis. I felt a hot flash just before I slid my hand down the shaft and to the tip.
“What are you doing?” I heard a male voice asked

Just Wait- Rowan McBride

The Drayner brothers have always been close. Being twins has a lot to do with it, but they’re also connected through their magic—a power that can steal the physical characteristics of anyone they touch. Mark has always been stronger, but he doesn’t hesitate to share everything with Travis, including his bed.

As they start their Freshman year in college, Travis notices that Mark’s power is increasing at an exponential rate, particularly when Travis is nearly attacked and Mark begins to exact a methodical revenge.

Travis watches his brother’s evolution in awe. Mark has promised him a present by the end of the week, but Travis can’t help but fear that these changes will rip his other half away from him forever.

Right now, all he can do is wait.

Excerpt from JUst Wait:

As Mark stood there, I could feel him charging up, gathering his power. With the kind of magic he was amassing, I knew he intended to kill Ryan Gibson in front of everyone. “Mark! No!”
Mark’s gaze didn’t leave Ryan. Even though he was a full six inches shorter than the jock, his face showed no sign of fear. “Put…him…down.”
“Make me.”
The power inside of my brother’s body spiked high enough to make my teeth ache.
Cory Greene, another football player and a friend of Mark’s, clapped his hand on Ryan’s shoulder. “No harm done, man. Let it go.”
Other people started to join in, and Ryan snorted, dropped me. “This isn’t over, Mark.”
Mark looped his arm around my shoulders and drew me close. “Not by a long shot.”

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