BOOK EXCERPT: Yeti! Again? by Celia Kyle

Have you ever been pregnant and cut off by your other half from all sexual activity because of the baby? I know I have and I didn’t like it. Sela is in this situation with Yosi…She is pregnant and he won’t sleep with her, in fear that he will hurt the baby. What lengths will Sela go through to get Yosi to serve her sexual needs? Find out in Yeti! Again? by Celia Kyle available through Changeling Press, LLC!


Sela and Yosi are back (again) with this peek into their fur-flying fun-filled lives of love, lust and little feet. Little feet? Yeah, a few little feet that go pitter patter (or is it bump) in the night.

But their sexin’ is called to a halt by Yosi the minute he finds out about Sela’s pregnancy. What’s a sex-starved gal to do when the man she loves is too afraid to make love because of the baby she carries? Why, take him to a place where his base nature can’t resist coming out to play.

Sela sees a freezer in her future…


For the tenth time in as many days, Sela stared at the almost endless expanse of white before her. She was beginning to really hate this toilet.

Every morning and sometimes throughout the day, she found herself retching over a nearby sink or toilet as her stomach attempted to expel its non-existent contents. If only it had its own brain. Then she’d tell it to quit the shit already and leave her alone.

Kneeling on the thin bathmat, she cursed Yosi, and herself, for letting him talk her into the cheap accessories.

“Who’s gonna see our bathroom?” he’d said. Well, she did, and at this very moment she was on her knees on the cheap rug and they ached in protest. So now, not only was her stomach doing somersaults, but her knees would likely be bruised from being on the ground so long. And damn it, this was his fault!

It wasn’t so much his choice in decorations that upset her as the fact that the man had done what he’d set out to do. He’d gotten her pregnant. The ass.

Okay, so she didn’t really know if she was pregnant, but puking from the scent of strawberries (strawberries, of all things!) clued her in that something was not right in Sela’s world. Ha! An understatement of gargantuan proportions.

No, she hadn’t actively tried not to get pregnant, but… but… she wasn’t mom material. Hell, she had been practically chased out of her own pack by the alpha’s crazy brother. It didn’t matter that the twerp was eventually put down by the alpha. What mattered was that she had been run out of town. Period.

Of course, wonderful things came from suffering at the hands of a power hungry, barely omega wolf. She’d met Yosi.

Albeit under strange circumstances.

Sela sighed as she rested her cheek against the edge of the toilet bowl. She’d never think of a steak quite the same way ever again. Being locked in an industrial meat freezer and meeting the giant yeti had been the greatest day of her life. Or rather, night.

She always remembered their first night together fondly. Sure, she’d run out on him after they’d spent the entire night fucking each other’s brains out, but who wouldn’t. Yosi was a yeti for goodness sake!

Pressing her hand to her stomach, she took a deep breath and willed the spinning to stop. She and Yosi had reservations at a local hoity-toity steak restaurant and she wasn’t about to be late because the thing growing inside her wouldn’t leave her alone.

Rising from the floor, she leaned against the counter to steady herself and stared down at the flimsy excuse for shoes on her feet. How the man had convinced her four-inch stilettos were a good idea, she’d never know. Already tall for a woman at five feet nine inches, Sela didn’t need the extra boost the shoes gave.

And while Yosi admired her body with gentle touches and outright crude comments, her big ass was not made to balance on a single centimeter. She eyed the heel of her left shoe. Hell, it probably wasn’t even that wide. Nothing she could do about it now though. The man had spoken. He generally didn’t ask for much beyond her love (in and out of the bedroom) so she gave in to him on the point of shoes. Besides, he’d be rubbing her feet later… in addition to other things.

“Sela! We’re gonna be late for our reservation!” Lord, the man could bellow.

She smoothed her hands over her chiffon and satin skirt and tugged the neck of her blouse a bit higher in an attempt to cover her breasts. She shook her head. No way could she cover anything in this getup. Yosi had picked it out, and while she loved that he loved to look at her, she didn’t feel comfortable when he wanted to look at so much of her while outside their home.

With a shrug, she opened the bathroom door and walked right into Yosi’s raised fist. His knuckles collided with her forehead with a soft thump and she winced, baring her extending fangs as she wobbled backward.

“Oh, shit, Sela mine. Come here and let me look at you.” The poor man sounded so apologetic and looked sad as he spoke to her, but her wolf wasn’t having it.

The beast within, normally easily under her control, growled low and threatening. The sound reverberated in Sela’s chest and echoed off the tile walls. She would dare the yeti to take one step closer and then she’d take a bite out of his hide while whacking him in the head.

Holding out a hand, she staved off Yosi’s approach as she fought with her wolf. The bitch wanted control, wanted to tear into its mate for trying to harm her and her cub. Fucking bitch. Pregnancy really wasn’t on Sela’s to-do list.

The number one reason: the man standing before her.

“Sela. Stand still, baby, let me look at your head.”

Thank God he seemed to be ignoring her wolf’s growls of protest. He continued to whisper sweet, loving words as he hugged her to his chest, pressing tender kisses to her bruised forehead.

Yup. Being pregnant was really going to suck. As over-protective as Yosi acted normally, finding out she was baking a baby in her oven would push him into unbearable territory.

Maybe she could keep it a secret…

Don’t wait, run and grab your copy of Yeti! Again? by Celia Kyle now available through Changeling Press, LLC!

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